Billionaire Daughter Bim Fernandez Stuns In New S3xy Photos

Stunning Abimbola Fernandez is one of the daughters of billionaire businessman, Deinde Fernandez….She’s a singer and a true fashionista. More pics below…..

Source: Linda Ikeji Blog


  1. Y is it dat its christien women dat xposes d r body lik prostitutes most of d time, instead of showin gud example? Know dat no mata hw beutiful u r, dere’s stil someone in a remote area dat culd b mor beautiful dan u r. So beauty is not a product of civilizatn, mordenizatn or even riches! Ur humility n simplicity wil earn u mor respect n popularity. Learn frm d wife of Billgate, d richest man in d world, who went 2 poor countries lik malawi 2 identify wit d challenges wmn r facin dere, instead of posin nude on social media,wit golden pant n bra!

  2. dat is y we muslims beleave in hijab dat mst christian critisize it. it shows hw mch we value women. a gud example is hw cn u compare a open sweet wit covered one

  3. hijab covered al women body dat no one cn see a very important part ov her body. indeed. tOnib u realy talk sensibly. may god give dos girls dat ar advertizing themself 4 prostitution an ability to understnd.

  4. People are a quick to sentiment.Does christianity advocate or preaches exposing the body.Being virtuous isn’t only in covering your body.You have to be right standing;inside out.Modernisation is the virus that’s eating into the fibre of what is let of morality,not Christianity.

  5. This girl u are criticizing might be a virgin. Wearing hijab does not connote holiness. If u know how promiscuous some of these hijab wearing women can be, u will marvel!


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