APC Will Take Over Baylesa By December – Ex-Senator

Clever IkisikpoKinsmen of former President Goodluck Jonathan in Ogbia Local Government Area of Bayelsa State, including Senator Clever Ikisikpo, have said they dumped the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) because of its method of operation.

Ikisikpo, who represented Bayelsa East in the 7th National Assembly, said he and former federal and state lawmakers as well as ex-office holders from Ogbia dumped the PDP because it was run as a one-man business.

He spoke yesterday at his Kolo Creek home.

The senator said he and his compatriots, who will be formally welcomed to the All Progressives Congress this weekend, joined the party for its transparency, internal democracy, equity and fairness.

Ikisikpo said: “What is happening is historic in the sense that we have now joined a new party, and that is a reigning party. We will make sure that APC becomes the ruling party in Bayelsa State. By the grace of God, by December, APC will take this state.

“Of course, we are ready to work as a team to make sure that we achieve our goal”.

The senator, who said he had been a PDP member since 1998, added that he left the party when it derailed from its founding principles.

According to him, the PDP was hijacked by “one man” and the level of impunity in the party was high and intolerable.

Ikisikpo said: “We formed the PDP in Bayelsa State; we made the PDP in Bayelsa State. But those who do not know how it came about came from behind and hijacked it. I don’t belong to a party where there is a high level of impunity. So, I went to a system where there must be transparency.

“I went to a place where the voice of every person must be recognised, not a situation where only one person would dictate the pace for others. You cannot decide my destiny because it is God that gave me that destiny”.


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