8 Biggest Brain Damaging Habits You Should Be Aware Of


We all know how important the brain is to the body. Without a properly functioning brain, we would not be able to perform the daily tasks that we do day in and day out. Avoid Brain Damaging Habits which actually harm you. There are a few routines that actually trivial, but often we do not realize the impact on our brains. If passed, this habit can make your brain decrease in productivity. So subtract these habits that can cause damage to your brain.

Everyday things we do and use and how they can lead to brain injury, or worse, brain damage. This is a very serious topic that should be read seriously. If you find that you or someone you know is hurting him/herself in any of the following ways, consult with a family physician right away.

We should be training our brain as much as we can. The brain is made up of 90% water and scientist are still researching into its complexity and marvel.
8 Biggest Brain Damaging Habits You Must Aware

High Sugar consumption
Too much sugar will interrupt the absorption of proteins and nutrients causing malnutrition and may interfere with brain development.

Air Pollution
The brain is the largest oxygen consumer in our body. Inhaling polluted air decreases the supply of oxygen to the brain, bringing about a decrease in brain efficiency.

No Breakfast
Be it for diet or to save time, many people choose to skip breakfast, and in the process they damage their brain. After your sleep, your brain requires nutrients. Skipping breakfast deprives the brain of these much-needed nutrients. Not eating breakfast will also lead to low blood sugar, which is also bad for your health.

Head covered while sleeping
Sleeping with the head covered decreases the concentration of oxygen and increases the concentration of carbon dioxide,thus leading to brain damaging effects.

Recent research reported by the Daily Mail, said that the habit of multitasking can make the brain to shrink. It is better you train schedule habits and organize something that is not often do a lot of activities together in one time. Know your limits.

Not Engaging In Stimulating Thoughts
Your brain is like a muscle, and if you don’t exercise it – it will shrink. The deeper the thoughts – the better the exercise your brain gets, and the healthier it will be in the long-term. So read a book, watch a documentary or play some puzzle games, just keep that thinker working.

Enough Sleep
Sleep is essential for your physical and mental health. A good night’s sleep (8 hours) is vital for your brain, as well as your internal organs. It has been recently discovered that the brain cleanses itself of toxins only during the deep sleep cycle. Sleep deprivation also accelerates the death of brain cells, which can lead to impaired memory and reduced faculties.

To help stop damaging the brain, an individual that smokes should stop smoking. Besides being bad for the entire body, smoking causes the brain to shrink and can lead to Alzheimer’s.


  1. Many dont read and I bet it they cant know this. Knowledge, they said, is buried in books(reading). Who is to blame for non-readers? I no know ooooooo.


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