Woman Meets Her ‘Ugly’ Online Boyfriend For The First Time, Tries To Commit Suicide


A woman was looking forward to seeing a man she met online, but he did not look like the person in the photos she had seen. The woman was so disappointed about being deceived that she attempted to commit suicide, according to police in China. The 23-year-old woman attempted to commit suicide on Tuesday night, at a hotel in Heilongjiang, following her much anticipated first face to face meeting with her boyfriend.

Scoop reports that the incident took place on the seventh floor of the hotel. Police were called after the woman attempted to jump off the balcony shouting at her boyfriend: “You cheated me.”  After getting the woman off the balcony, she suddenly swallowed a few sleeping pills and grabbed a piece of broken glass to cut her wrists. Police immediately stopped her and called an ambulance.

The woman allegedly managed to eat the piece of glass.  According to the mother of the distraught woman, her daughter met the man online and soon started dating. The family of the woman disapproved of their relationship because the man was 10 years older than her. The woman went against the wishes of her parents, and insisted on traveling to him to finally lay eyes on her lover. Apparently, she was very disappointed when she saw his true appearance for the first time, and she wanted to die.



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