Tension Builds Up In OAU As Men In Uniform Get Ready To Zoom Into Action, Students Advised To Remain At Home

Tension looms around Obafemi Awolowo University as some serious-looking law-enforcers all swagged up in uniform were seen scattered at the school’s entrance like grains of rice. Armored vehicles were not also left behind. All hands on deck while some folded on chest as we await NASU’s action(s).

See pictures below

Meanwhile, here is a release from the OFFICE OF THE PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER >>>

“Where Information dies Rumour thrives”
Great Ife,
Our attention have been drawn to a wild message spreading like uncontrolled inferno which claims that students’ should resume tomorrow and was machiavelically signed by the President and P.R.O of the Students’ Union. I make bold to assert that I, Immanuel Kant never wrote such, same as the President. Let me use this medium to say that the position of the Union remains unchanged
“The Students? Union hereby ADVISES that students should stay back at home, to observe the outcome of Tuesday and Wednesday?s Nasu/Management face-off”.

Emmanuel Ojedokun (Immanuel Kant)


Source: Edu Regard



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