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New Shocking Prophecies About Boko Haram, APC and Nigeria From Primate Ayodele



Primate Ayodele Elijah Babatunde, the founder of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Oke-Afa, Lagos has released new prophesies.

The cleric is renowned for his near accurate revelations, which has made him one of the Nigeria’s greatest seers of our time.

He predicted the current economic crisis two years ago and was the first prophet to declare that President Goddluck Jonathan would be the last President to be produced by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

The man of God, who recently unveiled the 2015 edition of his annual prophetic book titled, “Warnings To The Nation” was engaged by Saturday Independent Metro.

Below are excerpts

Buhari Presidency

President Muhammadu Buhari and his vice, Professor Yemi Osinbajo have good intentions for the nation. They should be wary of enemies within plotting to frustrate them. There are moles among members of their political party, All Progressives Congress (APC). Buhari will attempt to fight corruption. There will be many shocking fraudulent revelations about former President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration, but government will develop cold feet at some points and won’t be able to reveal some of the discoveries. I foresee a lot of cover ups. Let the government pray against what can make the opposition draw back the wheel of progress. The northern leaders will move to hijack the government with greed and move to take over key posts to the detriment of other sections of the country. Tell Buhari not to give room for tribalism because that will not augur well for him. If he succumbs to whims and caprices of some cabals under the guise of northern governors or group of senators, they will later turn around to instigate crisis that will affect his government.

The President must rebuke health challenge that may hamper his effectiveness. This is a serious matter. I hope the President won’t dismiss it with a wave of the hand. His attempt to get a second term will be dicey. The case against Mohammed Abacha will be reopened. That will surprise many northern leaders. Many of Buhari’s political calculations will be threatened by the new political block that is emerging except, he puts his house in order. He may be left with option of reviving his old political fold, Congress For Progressive Change (CPC) when the chips are down if he fails to read the handwriting on the wall. South West and South East will be short changed under the current government. I foresee serious conspiracy against other sections of the country by the northerners. In other words, I am warning President Buhari to beware of pending northern agenda.


The spirits of the lord is warning the present governors to tread softly and avoid anything that can drag their names into the mud. Some of them will have problems with Buhari. I could see some of them being indicted. Ekiti State governor, Ayodele Fayose should pray against self induced crisis that may weaken his government. He should concentrate on serving the people rather than wanting to glorify himself, otherwise, the APC will crumble his government and render his political structure irrelevant before the next election.

Sokoto State Governor, Aminu Tambuwal will transform his state to the envy of other political office holders but he should pray against a trap that may lead the state into serious debt. I hope Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State will not rubbish this piece of advice. He should not allow sycophants to drag him into crisis against former Governor James Ibori. The consequences will make him lose political relevance. Also, I foresee crisis between him and his predecessor, Emmanuel Uduaghan. He will survive attempt to remove him through the court but the Delta State House of Assembly will be on his neck. Change of Speaker is imminent in that state. Let the man on that seat pray against sudden removal from office.

The governors of Rivers and Akwa Ibom states should not underrate petitions against them at the Election Tribunal. I saw an axe at the Supreme Court being dangled on them. They risk being removed from office if they assume that all is well. Governor of Kwara state, Abdulfatail Ahmed should be careful not to jump to new political block towards the end of his tenure. The action may consume him. He should rebuke what can make his state to be relegated in the scheme of things as a result of debt. The Taraba State’s APC governorship candidate fondly called Mama Taraba needs prayer for favour to win her petition at the tribunal. If she takes prayer steps, she will be installed as governor. Governor Aregbesola of Osun State should guide against some unpopular policies that may be counterproductive towards the end of his tenure as well. Abia, Enugu, Anambra and Kano State governors would have misunderstandings with their predecessors. It’s up to them to seek the face of the almighty. They need the wisdom of God to survive the crisis.

Ex Governors And Former Ministers

I foresee some former governors and ministers being led to jail by Buhari’s government. Attempt will be made to give some of them soft landing but it will fail. Many powerful Nigerians will be offended by the government in the process. However, if those affected repent and seek the face of God, the almighty will listen and show mercy on them. Ali Modu Sheriff, former Borno State governor should pray against being disgraced after trial.

Political Parties

Both the APC and PDP will soon fizzle away. Some may think this is a joke, but the spirit of the lord says a northern political party will emerge with strong force. The PDP faithfuls will attempt to form alliance with other political parties. They will enter into alliances with several political groups, yet, they will not get to the El Dorado. Implosion is imminent in APC. I am advising President Buhari and National Leader of APC, Bola Tinubu to mend fences so that their party won’t be history. The choice of the Chairman of Board of Trustees of the party will generate bad blood. Tinubu will do everything within his power to be chosen. He will encounter crisis after the BoT chairmanship election or selection. At the end of the day, I can see a faction of the APC led by the BoT caucus aligning with another political group. Tinubu will be betrayed in APC. The South West leaders will work against themselves and northerners will explore that. Except they manage the situation; I see them being frustrated out of the party.


The location of the Chibok girls will be found and foreign countries will assist Nigeria. Some of the girls will not be rescued alive. Buhari’s government should be careful in dealing with the situation because those foreign countries, especially, America will shock Nigeria by withdrawing their assistance at some points. Buhari should watch his back while negotiating with America. All that glitters is not gold. Bombings will be rampant in the northern parts. I have said the solution to Boko Haram is spiritual cleansing. The country needs cleansing. God is not happy that blood of the innocent souls is being shed. Let our leaders return to God and stop deceiving themselves. The weapon to conquer Boko Haram insurgency is not warfare but prayer. The Boko Haram sect will eventually be defeated but it will take some years. We should pray against bomb explosion in the South West and South East. Prayers should be offered to avert plane crash particularly Air Force jet in the year.

National Assembly

Some senators and Reps will be sacked by the tribunal. The leadership of both the Senate and House of Representatives will not know peace throughout their tenure; their party will not forgive them. Senate President, Bukola Saraki will be scandalised and the Speaker of House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara will be troubled ceaselessly. At some points, opposition will close in on them and they risk being removed from office. The crisis in the National Assembly will be tough as that will cause problems for the APC. The presidency will not back the National Assembly leadership. Effort to unite Saraki and Dogara with their members will not work. However, the removal of Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu will worsen the situation. The House of Representatives should guide against legislating in support of Gay Marriage. In the months of October, November, December 2015 through January 2016, the Speaker of House of Representatives needs prayers to survive political storm. The Reps should also pray against accident and untimely death. The Senate will be boxed into a corner with tenure elongation idea. Some of the senators will be sanctioned by their parties and many of them will face probe panels. Money will divide the senate into various camps and principal officers’ effort to reconcile the factions among them will fail. Former Governors in the senate like Rabiu Kwankaso, Godswill Akpabio, Theodore Orji and some other ex-governors will be probed seriously.

Military/Para Military

The new Chief Service Chiefs will work tirelessly to improve the security of the nation, but they should pray against saboteurs. The Chief of Defence Staff should pray against attack. He will attempt to improve the welfare of the lower cadre of the military, but saboteurs will work against him. He should pray against indictment. He will take various steps to defend the nation, however, he should be extra careful by clarifying his actions from the government so that he will not have issues with the neighbouring countries. Tell him not to trust politicians so that his good intentions won’t be frustrated. The Directorate of State Security should pray against scandals. There will be several changes among the rank and file of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC).

The Federal Road Safety Corps will remodify the driver license to reflect more security features and there will be attempts to merge the agency with the police. The uniform of the Immigration Service will be changed. There will be reforms in the establishment relating to the method of documentation of expatriates in Nigeria. Both the Nigerian Customs Service and Immigration will experience change of leadership

CBN/ Economy

The current Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria will face crisis of fraud. I foresee him leaving that office unexpectedly except he prays hard. Issues will be raised against the Information Technology Department of the bank. Tell the Deputy Governors of CBN to be careful concerning the new guidelines on cash deposit, money transfer and commission on savings account. A word is enough for the wise. The CBN will be probed. The Nigeria Security Printing and Minting Company will be reorganised. Banks will face money laundering offences. The procurement unit of the CBN will experience crisis and fake currencies will be detected in circulation. Some banks will be indicted on that. Workers will be sacked at CBN. Contractors will be at logger heads with the CBN, I foresee litigations against the establishment as well.

Apart from that, the CBN will place ban on foreign exchange approvals for importers of goods and this will cause controversies. Devaluation of naira will continue unabated. The government will make attempt to improve the economy. I see Buhari’s government coming up with several positive reforms aimed at revamping the economy but not all the efforts will see the light of the day. There will be serious probe at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). The price of petrol will continue to fluctuate. Government must be careful; the days of crude oil are numbered. Refineries in the country will have some challenges even though new ones will be put in place. As the Lord liveth, more states will discover crude oil on their soil soon.

Governorship Poll

PDP has bright chance of retaining the Bayelsa’s governorship next year but if the party is not careful, it will be ridiculed by the opposition. In Edo state, APC will face uphill task to retain the governorship. Only a sellable candidate can stop the PDP from winning the election. In Ondo State, unless the APC members settle their internal rift, the PDP may capiterlise on that to retain power. But if APC puts its house in order, the party will win the state without stress.

Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)
The new chairman of INEC will be frustrated, except the leadership of the agency prays hard. Their effort will not be appreciated at the end of the day.


The labour union and other workers will embark on strike over minimum wage and other issues, the Federal Government won’t be able to meet their demands. I can see peace in Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) soon as factions within the union will come together.

Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ)

Unexpected candidate will emerge as National President of Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ). Some of the Vice President of the union should pray not be sidelined; I also foresee some of the members of the union being banned from operating in some state. I want NUJ members to seek the face of God for mercy against unfavourable occurrences.


Some monarchs will be dethroned In South West and South East.

Foreign Countries

America and France must be wary of fresh terror attacks. I urged those countries not to take their security for granted. Burkinafaso’s President should pray for God’s protection and electoral crisis in the nation. Sierra Leone should offer prayers against political tension. South African President should pray not lose his political leadership, I also foresee mass protest in that country. Election in Togo will be marred with violence. The leaders in that nation should also pray against sanctions from the western word. Congo Brazzaville’s parliament will rise against their President. I want them to also pray against crisis in their oil sector. Saudi Arabi will be attacked, only prayer can avert that. I also urged the Saudi King to pray for good health as well.


Source: Daily Post

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