MC Galaxy Reveals The Truth About Report Of Feud With His European Manager


Earlier today, July 10, 2015, singer MC Galaxy was accused of physically assaulting his European manager, Barbara.

Reports also say that MC Galaxy was arrested and released on bail this morning and the duo promised to settle things amicably.

MC Galaxy’s management released a statement on this issue.

It reads:

“Barbara is an European tour person who has take people like Davido, Terry G and MC Galaxy on tour and all wasn’t successful because she cheated them. After Galaxy’s tour she stole some of the tour money and didn’t pay him. Galaxy left the tour and came to Nigeria and kept quiet”

“Few days after she had a kidney disease and she was at the point of death and Galaxy sent money to save her life. She promised to pay him back by begging Galaxy to come to Nigeria to manage him. Galaxy paid for her travelling to Nigeria and gave her house and feeding and everything she wanted. Galaxy signed 2 artists Muno and Zinnia and she planned with them to use galaxy to introduce them and steal them away. Galaxy signed the contract and she witnessed it. Next she took the contracts and ran away with the artists. For evidence, check her Instagram for picture of signing and check her Instagram profile for more details.”

“She has been stealing and doing bad things to galaxy just for her to pay her children’s bills in Europe. She refused to go and left the house to and ran to one of galaxy’s produce‎r’s house name Big Terry to hide”

“Her visa was 1 month and she has over stayed. Galaxy sent her passport last week Wednesday to immigration and paid for it so that she can leave legally and she can comeback anytime she wants but she told him she doesn’t want to go back. She and Galaxy’s artists ran away with their contract. So when the passport came out, she came to the house yesterday to collect it and Galaxy called police to come and see to the matter. Barbra called her friend to call police to accuse him of assault and they went to the station to settle it.”

“A statement of peace was written to state that the woman can stay on her own but she will write that she won’t spread the matter out. She agreed but this morning, she sent a mail to people accusing him of assaulting him. She doesn’t want to go back because she has nothing to go back to. She is wanted in Europe. She is here to destroy the image of MC Galaxy”



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