Man Suffers Burns To His Face After His Phone Explodes | Photos


The rate at which phones and chargers are exploding in people’s faces is a cause for concern…

Bhavesh Thummer, a professional diamond polisher, was left with burns to his face and chest, after his mobile phone blew up in his face when he tried making a quick phone call. Mr Thummer’s left eye and ear were burnt in the incident, leaving him wearing a heavy bandage across the whole of his left eye.

The device exploded whilst Mr Thummer was visiting his friend’s timber market in Punagam, Surat

Wanting to make a quick telephone call, he dialled the number and put the phone to his ear.

Feeling the extreme temperature, he dropped the overheating device. The phone landed on to a desk before setting fire to a pile of loose papers and damaging the desk.

Health and safety experts are set to launch an inquiry into the incident.


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