‘I’m Yet To Come To Terms With Lesbianism Saga’ – Actress, Abiodun Okeowo

For a while now, the media has been awash with issues revolving around lesbianism which involved two Yoruba actresses. The ugly story has pitched popular actress, Abiodun Okeowo against Adediwura Adesegha, better known as Wura Gold. The whole drama started when Wura accused Okeowo of being a lesbian who once ‘toasted’ her for a relationship, but claimed she declined the offer. In this chat with Sam Anokam, Okeowo said her side of the story


How has the year been for you?

The Bible said that in all situations, we should give thanks to God. The year has been awesome. Well spent; I am making lots of progress in my new business, acting and in every aspect of my life.

You just started a new beauty business, how are you marrying it with your acting career?

Beauty business is what I enjoy doing. Acting is my career. I have a strong passion for it. So it’s like a perfect match. Through the grace of God, I have been joggling the two of them.

Will you ever drop one for the other?

I don’t see that coming soon; maybe when my bones fail me. I think I am capable to handle both. I am my own model. I always look good and take proper care of myself. So I am still relevant in all aspect of what I am doing.

It’s becoming to be a cliché for Yoruba actresses to go into fashion/beauty and sex toys business, what’s the link? Are actresses bad in bed?

It’s not like you see it. I do with beauty products and sex toys like lubricant, toys and some other sex enhancer. I just feel we need to tackle that issue of bad sex in marriages and relationships. In the aspect of actress not being good in bed, I don’t think so. That is not for me though but sex toys business is a very booming business and it’s very lucrative.

So what is your reaction over the trending lesbian story about you?

I have promised myself that I won’t talk about this issue again. But as you have convinced me that it is for clarity sake, let me let my mind out.

The accuser who is my colleague really played a fast one on me; I didn’t see it coming at all.

I want my fans to believe me. I swear to God, nothing like that happened. I didn’t do it. It was the other way round. The very first day Wura made advances at me, I stopped going to her house.

I am living in a three bedroom flat, so why would I always want to sleep in her house. My house should be more convenient and comfortable for such rubbish, if I had wanted to indulge in that. I don’t want to down-grade her in anyways but she called for it.

She said she has slept in my house five times and I always make advances at her; yet she keeps coming. Doesn’t that sound absurd?

So, what’s your next step?

I’m afraid of friendship. I don’t keep friends in the industry, I just gave Wura a try and it has indeed taught me a bitter lesson. No more to friendship in the industry. It is so unfortunate I had to learn this way.

What is really the origin of the story?

A media friend who is also a friend to Wuraola called me and I thought he wanted to settle the issue without any media hype, but I was shocked when people started calling me that a particular blog was running the story. Then a certain magazine publisher who is Wuraola’s man-friend now blew the story and also gave it to his other colleagues to use.

What are your industry friends doing about the saga?

Iyabo Ojo came in when the fight was getting messier on the blog. She told me I am a scandal-free actress and should maintain my status as one. She now put us on video conferencing to settle the matter. After settlement, it was a shock to me to hear that I ran to Iyabo Ojo to help me talk to Wuraola. People should ask Iyabo Ojo if I told her to help plead with Wuraola on my behalf; that I did so because she (Wuraola) was about to speak to the press on the issue. Me? Why should I do that? Iyabo Ojo is just a peacemaker, nothing more. It was even more shocking to me when I read her talking about integrity. She said she is protecting her integrity. Which integrity does she have? I have produced more than eight movies in the industry; I have travelled to many countries and I have a business I am doing apart from being a face in the industry; a regular one for that matter. So between her and me, who has integrity to protect? I think I will leave that to people to judge. But all I know is that we are not in the same class, we are far apart. This is someone I always took along to locations to canvass for roles. All I know is that she is just envious of me. And talking about integrity, if I don’t have integrity I would not have received an award as the ‘Best Personality of the Year in 2010’ from Global Excellence magazine; and that is not the only award. I have received awards in Nigeria and overseas.

Wura said she told one of your mentors about when you made the sex advances and she has him as one of her witnesses?

Well, that’s my pain. If she’s telling the truth, I am still wondering why the same man I took as my father and he sees me as his daughter, didn’t call me. He never called or summoned me based on the allegations. This thing supposedly happened three years ago and till now he never called to scold me about what he heard about me. It is so sad, I must tell you. I am yet to come to terms with this whole drama.

If truly, he told her such rubbish then and he kept to himself and didn’t bother to confront me to defend myself, then I think I am very offended with his actions.

But there’s a Yoruba saying that advises one to let go of any grudge against an elderly person. 

Honestly, when Wura made advances at me, I confided in three people; my uncle, my man and a friend outside the entertainment industry.

I would have exposed her attitude then, but I was just being my normal gentle Biodun, now it is turning against me. I insist that nothing of such ever happened.

If Wura would recall, after that day she tried to have sex with me, I left her house very early in the morning. I called my man to come pick me very early in the morning. He was a bit worried asking me what happened. I didn’t explain to him on phone until he came to pick me.

I have really learnt a lesson. I did a movie titled, ‘Ore’, so I know what friends do to each other. So I am just sad. I fell into same thing I have been advising people against.



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