Hilux car crushes a mechanic’s leg on 3rd Mainland Bridge (extremely graphic photo)


The unfortunate accident occurred yesterday. A man, who LASTMA officials said identified himself as a mechanic, was driving a customer’s car from the Island to his workshop on the mainland to fix it. When he got to 3rd Mainland Bridge, he said he heard something make noise at the back of the car, so he parked by the side of the road and came out to check it. As he was behind standing by the boot of the car,‎ a guy driving a hilux car and on top speed ran into him. The hilux crushed his leg. He was rushed to the hospital by LASTMA officials. Both cars involved in the accident were also towed.

Unfortunately doctors are saying they will need to amputate his leg. See the graphic photo below…

Source: Linda Ikeji’s blog


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