Hausa Residents Of Lagos Community Kills Yoruba Resident, Angry Youths Vows Retaliation, Hausas Flee

There has been tension in Lara, Igbe community, in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State after some Hausa thugs allegedly slaughtered a 33-year-old resident, Shola Olaide, during an argument.


PUNCH Metro learnt that after the killing, which occurred at about 8pm last Sunday, angry youths went on the rampage threatening to kill all northerners in the area, which made Hausa to flee the community.

Our correspondent gathered that Olaide, who was a meat seller, had gone to a shop owned by a Hausa man in company with a friend, identified simply as Biggy, to buy an item.

It was learnt that Olaide, an indigene of Igboora, Oyo State, had met some Hausa men standing at the entrance of the shop, and reportedly asked them to give way.

An argument was said to have ensued between them during which the trader and his friends allegedly dragged Olaide to the back of the shop, and slaughtered him.

The landlord of the house along with other residents were said to have rushed Olaide to a hospital in the area where he later died.

PUNCH Metro learnt that angry youths immediately started going round shops and houses where northerners were staying, threatening to avenge Olaide’s death.

The Hausa people living in the area were said to have fled the community that night and the following morning.

It was learnt that the matter was reported at the Area N Command, Ijede, while policemen had deposited the corpse in a mortuary.

When our correspondent visited the area on Wednesday, it was noted that some sheds used by Hausa traders had been razed.

On Alagemo Street where the deceased lived, a neighbour, Mrs Taiwo Akanda, said Olaide was planning to visit his sick parents in Oyo State when he was killed.

She added that since Sunday, all the Hausa in the area had fled as youths vowed to avenge Olaide’s death. She said the deceased was a jovial man, and the Hausa assailants might have misinterpreted him.

She said, “Brother Shola (Olaide) was a meat seller, and he was a very jovial man. On that Sunday, he left house at about 7.30pm, and told his wife that he was going to buy an item in Lara.

“When he got to the shop, some Hausa men were hanging around the shop. So, he asked them to give way. They got angry, and there was an argument, during which they dragged him away and murdered him.

“Initially, the residents that were around tried to save him. But by the time they rushed him to a hospital, he had died. His wife sells food, and theirs used to be a happy family. This is not the first time some Hausa thugs will attack people in this place. That is why the residents are angry with them on this incident.”

Another resident, identified only as Ogunleye, said the government should look into the uncontrolled attacks by the Hausas in the area.

“We do not want them in this community if they cannot learn to live in peace. Enough is enough. Now, they have thrown a happy family into mourning. The man still has parents, who he had planned to visit,” he added.

The uncle of the deceased, identified only as Onimole, said Olaide’s wife, Rasheedat, and their three children had been taken to a house in Ikorodu.

He said, “The family is still young. The eldest of their three children is in Junior Secondary School 1, and the family needs assistance. Olaide’s death was a shock to the family.”

Our correspondent gathered that the police in Ijede had yet to arrest any of the suspected killers.

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Kenneth Nwosu, confirmed the incident. He added that investigations were ongoing.

He said, “The matter was reported to the police by the landlord, one Niniola.

“The victim was rushed to a hospital in the area where he later died. Meanwhile, investigations are ongoing on the matter.”


Source: Punch


  1. You see why I say that all hausa Muslim are terrorist.they keep saying that boko haram are not Muslims but you can see how they kill without pity,they are lucky that yorubas are not igbos,we will drop 5 heads before treatining to kill.that’s why There’s no peace in the north.

  2. What type of argument could had led to slaughtering a fellow human being,these Hausa people not deserve to leave among human beings.their heart is full of evils

  3. it happen in my area, we also called the man MENOMO, it a jovial person, he dont fight anybody in d area but only GOD know why dis aboki kill him may his soul rest in peace. we dnt want aboki in our area

  4. Killing is in their blood;u go their place na wahala,they come to ur place na wahala,d only medicine they get is if they kill 1,U make sure u kill atleast 10 for revenge

  5. @ Abel, how dare u bring the noble nd peace loving Igbos into this picture? Plz what’s ur interet?…to paint us black? I don’t think any tribe in this Nigeria can b compared wt the spirit hospitability that is found amongst the Igbos ok. Get that into ur fake skull. And for the deceased family,plz accept my condolence.

  6. Its really unheard of in our modern dynamic jet age, that such dasdard murder and incessant killings take place everyday in the zoo called Nigeria. Life is no longer sacred. Killing a human being made by Chukwuabiama in His own image and likeness, is just as easy as killing a fowl. God forbid! Its high time every major ethnic group in Nigeria exists on their own, including BIAFRA. God bless BIAFRA!

  7. this is y i love my ppl, had it been this happened to an igbo man, 5 of them would have join the boy before the treat to kill them all began, this ppl dont worth to be with because u can never predict their next plan, killing runs in their blood and their religion

  8. TRASH
    ARRANT NONSENSE! how could this have happen in a yoruba land? I’m not being extreme or biased in my views but for some of us that have travelled a little, we do know that no tribe can take that, not even the hausas, on their land. If they want to live in peace, they are welcome, if not, they had better disappear before things turn nasty!

  9. Evry governor Must make evryindividual to undertake Oat nd their Identity Must be noted(evrybdy )for issue of responsibility.These Guys can come to a Place nd Start kill’n others nd d Governmnt is doing not’n .A national ID is vry impotant or lives nd property will not b tak’n seriuos

  10. Pls my fellows broders n sisters yes they hav done sth wrong unhuman but dat has notin 2 do wit der rlgen pls,jst appl it on der bad attitud no der gionreli!

  11. Yorubas are really cowards. Few hausas killed ur son, brother, husband in a community dominated by yorubas. In ur land for that matter and all they do is to start bragging that they want to revenge. Meaning they want to kill breeze, cos from this news now, the hausas have all fled the area in the full glare of the yorubas around. I pity the poor meant sellers. Sai baba!


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