Guess How Old Rita Dominic Became Today?!? 40!!!


The ever glowing and forever young actress, Rita Dominic, is a year older today.

Rita Dominic, who is one of the most accomplished actresses in the industry has just turned 40!!!

According to reports, the veteran Nollywood goddess, who’s a Glo Ambassador and face of make up line, Zaron Cosmetics, is making arrangements for her marriage very soon.

Happy Birthday Rita!


  1. Happy formula birthday to Rita Dominic, the Nollywood actress.
    It is formula birthday at 40 years in arithmetic progression -[ a + ( n – 1)d ].
    To calculate the first term of year, (a) , nth term and common difference(d) required her impeccable beauty.
    Anyway. I guess Rita Dominic is ecstatic to add another year to her last year. Living to accomplish her goals as the successful Nollywood actress is what make her fans and friends like me get happy and interest.
    Even with such controversial age at 40, still look young, romantic, attractive and beautiful. It’s a great euphoria birthday. Rita Dominic tremendous impacts , contributions and accomplishment in the Nollywood, media and telecommunications industry is greatly remarkable. As a graduate of mass communication, it is my profound and sincere love to present her a arithmetic progression birthday.
    I desired to make a chance in my communications today. And it is in maths birthday expression.


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