Australian Adam Brookman Returns From IS Syria Conflict


An Australian nurse suspected of helping the so-called Islamic State is returning home under police escort. Muslim convert Adam Brookman, who is returning voluntarily, says he travelled to Syria to do humanitarian work but was forced to work with IS. BBC reports:

Justice Minister Michael Keenan said he was entitled to return but would be investigated. The nurse will be the first Australian to return from Syria or Iraq since the country brought in new terror laws. The laws made it a crime to assist militant groups in the Middle East.

Mr Brookman – who has not at this stage been charged – told Fairfax Media in May that he travelled to Syria to use his nursing skills in the civil conflict, which he believed was being ignored by the international community.

But he said he was forced to join IS after being injured in an airstrike and taken to a hospital controlled by the militants.’ Mr Keenan told Australia’s ABC News all returning Australians were subject to the law. “The issue is if somebody has involved themselves in the conflict in Iraq and Syria,” he said.


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