10 Things Every Rational Couple Should Do BEFORE They Have Kids


So, before you have those mini versions of yourself, and completely devote every waking hour working toward being mom of the year, here’s what you and your partner should do before you have kids:

1. Travel.

Traveling is the one of the most exciting things you can do … and something that becomes nearly impossible once you have a kid. Sure, you can schlep your kid from Morocco to Thailand, staying in hostels, but do you really want to? Probably not. Traveling is best when it’s done solo or with your partner-in-crime.

2. Sleep late.

Take advantage of those lazy Saturdays and Sundays. Sleep until 3pm if you want to, and then take a nap after dinner just because you can. You’re not only indulging in something you can virtually kiss goodbye once you have a kid; you’re also building up on sleep in preparation for when you don’t have any at all.

3. Have sex on the kitchen floor.

Actually, have sex all over your home. Do it know now, everywhere. Do it before you have to worry about a toddler wandering in, giving you and your partner 30 questions about why you’re naked on the floor, moaning wildly.

4. Be spontaneous.

From sex on the floor to booking a last minute flight to Paris, just do it. Relish in the fact that you don’t have to plan things months in advance, and you don’t have to feel guilty about wanting to do things sans your little bundle of joy.

5. Enjoy alone time as a couple.

Before you have a baby, you really want to take advantage of it just being you and your husband or partner. You really want to explore your relationship, sexually and otherwise, and really focus on your love for each other. You want make sure you have one hell of an unbreakable bond before you bring someone else into the picture.

6. Enjoy your “me” time.

Not only do you want to focus on your love for each other, but your love for yourself. Go away for a weekend alone, spend time with your friends, or just cuddle up in bed with a book, completely undisturbed from the outside world. This is your moment to commit to yourself and the relationship you have with yourself before your days and nights are full of interruptions.

7. Spoil yourselves.

Spoil yourselves rotten. Get the expensive bottle of wine. Go to the fancy restaurants with the month long wait. Buy the designer clothes now; eventually, you’ll only want to wear stuff from the Gap because it will be covered in spit-up 90 percent of the time.

8. Spend time with other people’s kids.

Even if you know for a fact that you absolutely, positively, want to have a kid, you might want to spend some time with the kids of your friends and family first.

This isn’t to suggest that watching your nephew throwing a fit over having to share his light saber with his brother will dissuade you in any way from having a little monster of your own, but it’s a good idea to give yourself a heads up as to what to expect. Even the most angelic babies can have their jerky moments.

9. Open a savings account specifically for your child.

In between all that traveling and spoiling yourself, it’s also important to financially prepare for your baby.

10. Enjoy being a kid.

Once you have a kid, you no longer get to be a kid yourself. So, before you hand over the reigns to someone else in your family, as far as the kid thing goes, live it up while you can.

Enjoy that your responsibilities are minimal, that you don’t need to be home at a certain time, and that you can drink the milk directly out of the bottle without your partner freaking out about “germs that will kill the baby.” Hold onto your childlike ways as long as you can … and then grow the eff up.


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