I Did Not Insult Stella Damasus – HelenPaul

Versatile female comedian, Helen Paul, has denied insulting sultry actress, Stella Damasus, during one of her comedy performances in Lagos.

Some weeks back, the social media was awash with a purported statement credited to Helen Paul. The comedian was said to have thrown a jab at Stella that she ‘changes husbands like pants,’ but Tatafo, as Helen is fondly called, described the whole saga as untrue.

Helen said she actually made a joke about herself, telling the audience at an event that she did not change her name from Helen Paul after marriage because if her husband sends her packing later, she would not have any reason to make change of name.


In an exclusive chat with Naij.com, Helen, said she was equally surprised when bloggers concluded that she was throwing jibes at Stella, “besides, a don’t know where the quote of ‘changing like pants’ came in because I never said anything of such,” she said.

Besides, both Helen and Stella share the same Publicist, Bayo Adetu, and Helen, having that in mind, said there is no way she would intentionally go after the respected actress.

“Aunty Stella is one of the people I respect dearly. She is an inspiration to women, especially we the younger ones. What people don’t know is that she takes me like a daughter, and I respect her a lot,”Helen hinted.

However, the social media was agog with news that  Helen Paul mocked Stella Damasus over being linked with different men


  1. Inspiration to people with shameless life like u! How can Stella be inspiration to young people with her dirty life?! Pls, say something else and stop this eye service stuff!


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