Guy Proposes To His Woman With The Help Of Patoranking, Davido And Phyno (Photos + Video)


Imagine your boo showing up with four of Nigeria’s hottest artistes at your door step, singing and asking you to marry him, how would you react?

Well, Mary Anne got that and she never expected it…

It went down in December, miss @alluring_zizi was waiting for me to take her for a concert so she’ll see @patorankingfire @runtown @davidoofficial & @phynofino perform cos she’s a huge fan of dis above mentioned Artists..little did she know what was about to go she waited for a very long time & couldn’t get across to me, she became tired & decided to rest in her room with her younger sis..few minutes later @patorankingfire came & knocked on her door she opened up & was in shock to see @patorankingfire..he walked in & they started talking then @runtown knocked on the same door claiming that he was looking for now 2 of her favourite Artists are in her room..then @phynofino came knocking on the same door, that he heard @patorankingfire & @runtown are in dis room so he wants to chill with them..she started suspecting that something was about to go down..then @davidoofficial came to that same room so now she has 4 of them in her room then I walked in & knelt down & brought out my engagement ring & proposed..she knelt down with me & said ‘Yes’ And that was how the story @alluring_zizi good looking out guys cc @runtown @patorankingfire @davidoofficial @phynofino #tbt #december #proposal

Watch video below



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