Atiku Says He Remains Loyal To President Buhari


Atiku-BuhariFormer Vice President Atiku Abubakar today declared that he is determined to use everything at his disposal to support President Muhammadu Buhari to succeed.

He condemned comments by some people which he said was aimed at drawing a wedge between President Buhari and himself.

The former Vice President said people should be aware that he holds the president in very high esteem, and would always remain loyal to him, and support him in every endeavour to succeed as president. He also restated his commitment to the Buhari administration.

“Not only did Atiku Abubakar congratulate Buhari after his emergence as the presidential candidate of the APC at the party’s national convention in Lagos, he also handed over his best assets to the Buhari Presidential Campaign.

“The former Vice President enthusiastically handled the diplomatic assignment of seeking endorsement for Dr. Adesina as the President of the African Development Bank on behalf of President Buhari and would be available for any other assignments as the President pleases.

“Make no mistake about it, Atiku Abubakar holds Buhari in the highest esteem, and would always remain loyal to him, and support him in every endeavour to succeed as president,” a statement by his media office, signed by Mazi Paul Ibe said.

He also expressed support for President Buhari on his stand on the outcome of the National Assemble elections.

“While acknowledging that it is legitimate and desirable for individuals or groups to seek to pursue their interest, it must be done with the benefit of sustaining our democracy and promoting equity, fair play and justice in mind.

“Anything to the contrary may jeopardise our hard-earned democracy and constitute a clog in the wheel of the new administration

“In politics, it is a mistake to expect fixed outcomes. As the President has done, let’s all come to terms with what has happened in the interest of the system and move on. Suffice it to say that the new administration should be allowed a smooth take off and be allowed the atmosphere to deliver. On this, I stand with President Buhari,” Atiku said.

He urged the members of the APC to remain united and not allow liars and traducers to create problems in the party. “We cannot allow liars, denigrators and blackmailers and their sponsors to use Atiku as platform to ingratiate themselves with President Buhari and hijack his presidency under the pretext of loving him more than anyone else. These political ventriloquists are hiding behind the cover of anonymity to achieve their sinister agenda of making Atiku the fall guy in the unfolding political developments”, he stressed.


  1. On point Turaki, You have spoken like a true democrat and statesman that you are.
    The evil plans of liars and blackmailers to pull you down for their selfish reasons will always fail. Nigerians yielded for CHANGE and now that we have it, We are all ready to defend that CHANGE because we know that it will bring about good governance and better life for all.
    And for those trying to hijack a democratic process……..SORRY because they will keep failing.
    United we stand and Buhari administration must succeed.
    God bless Nigeria.

  2. The political condition of Nigeria is something that is seen as an event that is inevitable, in politics actions sometimes can result to an out come that is either favourable or unfavourable to some people. Atiku Abubakar has remain committed to he regime of President Buhari. And all those who are thinking that they can blackmail Atiku Abubakar are making a big mistake, that is why he will be remembered as among those who played a vital role in the emergence of Buhari as the President of Nigeria.


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