8 Signs You Married The Right Guy


The decision to get married is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. And, of course, it’s not just about choosing marriage, but rather who you choose to marry. I think when people marry the wrong person, they often know right away. The truth is, many of them knew before the actual wedding day but they ignored the red flags and went through with the marriage anyway.

But I believe most of us know whether or not we married the right guy. Even on those days when he gets on your last nerve, there is no question about whether or not you made a mistake. You walk through life proud to call him your man, and you feel confident in the fact that you chose right.

But just in case you are in a place where you have any doubts about if your guy is the right guy, check out these 8 signs that you married the right guy.

He may not be perfect, but if he’s the perfect guy for you, that’s all that matters.

1. He is your biggest supporter. If your man is your number one fan, supporting your dreams and standing by your side—even when things get really rough—you have a good guy on your hands. Support may seem like a given, but marrying a really supportive person is nothing to take for granted.

2. He still surprises you. I don’t care if it’s flowers, a candy bar, or doing the laundry—if your man makes efforts to surprise you by doing something you didn’t expect, he’s a keeper.

3. He brings out the best in you. I always get sad when I see someone in the relationship with a person who brings out the worst in them. Don’t we all deserve to be with someone that makes us shine? I think so. If your man does just that, he’s a good guy.

4. He gets you. If he really “gets you” and appreciates who you are—even your crazy side—he’s definitely someone you want in your corner forever and a day.

5. He’s not trying to change you. Marriage is about compromise, not about changing people. If your man accepts you as you are and is not going out of his way to change who you are, it’s a beautiful thing.

6. He doesn’t make major decisions without you. A person that truly appreciates the partnership they have with you knows how to check in about all major decisions, not because they need permission, but because they value your opinion.

7. He appreciates you. A marriage without appreciation is destined to fail. If your spouse appreciates who you are and all that you do, it’s something you should be very grateful for.

8. He embraces your crazy family. Is your family crazy? Honestly, I think everyone’s family is a little crazy (okay, sometimes a lot crazy). If your spouse embraces your family, no matter who they are, it means that he realizes that when he married you, they came as part of the package.


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