50Cent Mocks Diddy, Pretends To Bail Him Out Following UCLA Arrest

45-year-old Diddy was arrested on the UCLA campus after a fight with coach Sal Alosi, in which he allegedly tried to hit him with a kettleball weight.
Rapper 50 Cent used his Instagram account to make all sorts of fun at P Diddy following his arrest at UCLA over an alleged assault on the football coach.

He used a number of pictures and memes mocking his rival, Fiddy even made a hilarious video in which he pretends to bail him out in fear of being kettlebelled himself.

In the video Fiddy said:

‘Puffy is in a UCLA campus jail right now! S**t got real with the coach! We got to go get him!… yeah man, you know how s**t goes,’ he says.

‘Yeah man they say Puffy went Ciroc coco on the coach with a kettlebell… all this s**t started since Drake man, he be wanting to f*** everybody up,’ he joked, referencing an alleged fight outside a Miami club last year in which Diddy reportedly punched Drake.


The camera then cuts to him hurriedly counting out piles of cash on his desk. ‘Yeah man I’m counting the bail money right now so I can get him before he f*** me up, I’m scared to death around here,’ he finishes.

These 2 were beefing each other but they resolved their issues, however, they still take swipes at each whenever they can


He later deleted all the memes and photos except the one with the kettle bell.


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