Yemen Conflict: Air Strikes Follow Cross-border Attack


A Saudi-led coalition has reportedly carried out more than 30 air strikes in north-western Yemen, after Houthi rebels shelled a Saudi border town. Rebel sources told the Reuters news agency that at least 43 civilians were killed and 100 wounded in air raids in Saada and Hajjah provinces. BBC reports:

The coalition had vowed to respond to Tuesday’s cross-border attack on Najran, which left three people dead. Meanwhile, 22 aid agencies warned that fuel shortages could halt their work. The lack of fuel has meant entire communities have no access to clean water, while medical facilities have been forced to close or are unable to provide even basic services.

“Millions of lives are at risk, in particular children, and soon we will not be able to respond,” said Edward Santiago, country director for Save the Children. The fuel shortages are also hindering food deliveries in a country where about 20 million people, or 80% of the population, are estimated to be going hungry.

The agencies dismissed the coalition’s plans for “humanitarian pauses” to allow aid deliveries, instead calling for an immediate and permanent end to the conflict.


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