Woman’s Car Explodes After Lighting Cigarette While Driving


A woman in Russia, is lucky to be alive after her car exploded in a ball of fire while driving, according to a video uploaded to the Internet. The incident unfolded in Velikiye Luki, Pskov Oblast, after sparks of the cigarette lighter ignited gasoline that leaked from a can, which the woman kept in her car.

According to worldwideweirdnews, the flames quickly engulfed the entire vehicle. According to the video of the incident, the woman was driving a green Citroen Xsara in a residential area.

The vehicle veered slightly to the right, and fire appears out of the side windows and under the vehicle. The driver immediately stopped the car and escaped.

She was heard screaming, but was unharmed. Another driver came to help her as the fire continued to ravage the Citroen. The car was completely destroyed in less than three minutes.


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