Wiz Wants Amber Rose Far Away From Him As They Stay In Same Hotel In Vegas

She’s dating one of his friends so he must be pissed off. Wiz is DJing a gig in Las Vegas today and Amber Rose is also making an appearance at a club in Vegas today. They were put in the same hotel and Wiz is said to be taking extraordinary steps to make sure he doesn’t cross paths with her..

From TMZ

We’re told Wiz just found out his estranged wife has booked a suite at the Palms Casino Resort, the same place he’s staying. He’s contacted the hotel and insisted that he’s not on her floor. Wiz has made it clear, he does not want Amber in his line of sight during the long weekend. It’s gonna be complicated, because Amber’s hosting a pool party the same day Wiz debuts at club Rain as DJ Daddy Kat.



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