Vitafoam Orange Moments Rocks Ibadan City

… Opens First Vitafoam Comfort Center Ibadan
… Live in Abuja Capital City Tuesday May 5th


It was fun unlimited as Vitafoam Orange moments stormed Ibadan last weekend. The fun was heightened with the opening of the first Vitafoam Comfort Centre at Liberty Road Ibadan.
The turnout was overwhelming as customers were treated to a whole day of exciting moments, thrilled by popular artistes and comedians; customers had a one on one experience with the Vitafoam range of high quality products. In the words of Rukayat Lawal, one of the guests, ‘’today I can confirm that Vitafoam is not just about mattresses and pillows, it is so much more, I can almost put my whole house together at a Vitafoam Comfort Centre, I am so excited to be here, infact, I already got myself a home makeover’’
Simply fascinating and remarkable, loyal customers with a good understanding of the Vitafoam range of products were rewarded with a variety of Vitafoam products ranging from music pillows to other exciting gifts.
Do you stay in the capital city of Abuja, here is your chance to board the fun train. Vitafoam Orange Moments goes live in Abuja on Tuesday 5th May. Don’t miss it!!!

Customer Testimonies
I found the perfect baby gift for my pregnant friend and for me, it’s the music pillow.

Simply awesome, I love the way the mattress welcomes me.

Now I know why my wife insisted that I attend, Vitafoam is indeed much more than mattresses and pillows.

Simply Fantastic event, I wish I could take everything home with me. The baby range, the music pillows, the waist support, Oh My! Everything feels sooooo comfy and made for me

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