Trigga Kess: “I’ve Not Had Any Other Woman Apart From Her”


Upcoming act, Trigga Kess and boo to much older fashionista, Toyin Lawani; has spoken about their relationship.

Speaking in an interview, Trigga Kess said that he will be marrying his baby mama this year.

I’m not letting out details about the marriage yet, it’s going to be a surprise, our relationship has been over 4 years now and it’s been sweet all the way” he said.

He also revealed what keeps them going, and that he has been faithful to her since they started dating. “What keeps us going is the heart, she’s got a great heart and we truly love each other. And in 4 years, I’ve not had any other woman apart from her. My girl is beautiful, my girl is classy, my girl is everything I want, so why would I want another woman?’

Trigga and Toyin Lawani have a kid together, a boy. Toyin Lawani also has a ten year old daughter.


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