Senators May Defy APC On Senate Presidency Zoning If… – Dep Minority Leader

senate-chamber_anti_terrorism_billAs the jostle for Senate Presidency continues, the Deputy Minority Leader, Ahmad Sani, has said that senators may flout the zoning arrangement of the All Progressives Congress (APC) if the Senate Presidency is not given to the appropriate region.

Mr. Sani told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday in Abuja that the National Assembly was now made up of more independent minded individuals who hold national interests above that of the party.

He recalled that Aminu Tambuwal was not the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, for Speaker, but he was elected by members all the same.

According to him, if the APC does not zone the seat correctly, the senators may defy it and vote the right candidate.

“Zoning is a party matter, it is not a Senate matter, the senators can decide to vote for the best candidate that they think will lead them more properly and more efficiently.

“Party can make its zoning, if they don’t zone it correctly, and it is not acceptable to the National Assembly members, they can decide to do election and elect the candidate they think will lead them properly”.

He, however, insisted that the rule two of the Senate which provides that only a ranking senator can emerge as the President will remain binding on the Senate.

Reacting to the sudden spring-up of various caucuses driving diverse agenda on the issue of the presidency, Mr. Sani said caucuses were normal in political parties and in other structures.

“Caucuses are normal situations in politics, whether in the party or the executive or the National Assembly, but that will not lead to division. Eventually, when it comes to party matter, they will come together.

“But as I said, if the party does not play its card right, the National Assembly members may decide to vote for somebody else.

“And if the APC comes up with two candidates, I assure you, if the PDP is united, they can take the seat”.

Mr. Sani said more independent minded and credible people had been elected into the National Assembly and as such, the interest of the nation would be placed above the interest of any party.



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