SEE The Full List Of Names Submitted By Buhari For Ministerial Positions

General Muhammadu Buhari has submitted to the security agencies for screening 40 names being considered for ministerial appointments .

According to Daily Post, the names were submitted by the president-elect about a week ago.


The Department of State Services, the Directorate of Military Intelligence and the National Intelligence Agency are the security agencies screening the potential ministers.

The names listed by the president-elect were mostly former PDP men who had defected to the APC, leading people to question where is the change.

The names being screened include Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola, the former Osun state governor and ousted PDP national secretary; Chief Bode Mustapha, the former PDP national auditor; an All Progressives Congress stalwart from Ogun state; and Engineer Segun Oni, the former Ekiti state governor and APC deputy national chairman (South West).

Others are Dr Kayode Fayemi, the immediate past governor of Ekiti state; Dr. Abba Ruma, a former minister for agriculture and water resources; and Chief Kanu Agabi, a former minister of justice.

The list continues with Donald Duke, a former governor of Cross River state; Governor Raji Fashola of Lagos state; and Yinka Folashade Oredola, a pharmacist from Ondo state.

Others on the list are Rotimi Akeredolu, a former gubernatorial candidate in Ondo state; Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers state; Engineer Funsho Kupolokun, a former group managing director of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation; Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwanso of Kano state; and Bisola Adegbenro, a senator-elect from Ogun state.

Also on the list are Isaiah Danjuma, the son of General TY Danjuma from Taraba state; Dele Momodu, the publisher of Ovation; Kehinde Lawanson, a former executive director of First Bank; and Chief Bayo Ojo (SAN), former minister of justice.

The rest of the names will be published when security agencies confirm the names to newsmen.

Buhari ran on the platform of change but critics have asked whether working with the old guard even with a new system can guarantee change? If you agree or disagree with this, leave your comment below.


    • I can’t believe this until the names are out. Is there no younger vibrants people that can move this country forward. May God help us.

      • What does YOUNG and VIBRANT mean in your assessment??? Was it not the same young and vibrant that has looted the treasury and make Nigerians beg for peanuts when we can afford bread? Maybe its time for the older and wiser. The young and vibrant Governors and members of the national assembly own mansions and fat bank accounts abroad.

        can we mimic, our president-elect, who lives a modest lifestyle compared to all the other crooks who had led the nation into dooms. As much as I do not believe in recycling the past so-called leaders who preformed at best in mediocrity, lets pick the best, past leaders or not, young or old.. All we need is performance no matter who is used to achieve the feat.

  1. If the names you have written are the actual names submitted by Buhari I think something is wrong somewhere. For now I reserved my comment pending when the genuine list will be out.

  2. Nigerian’s always emphasises experience. i think U.S. are opining for no recurrence in former political names. lets see.

  3. To me I don’t understand if the news Is Real cus nigerians are very good with fake news but if this is true change has changed him I have never seeing ASHAWO politicians like nigerian from party to party no principles all is bcus of money most of this ppl are fakec

  4. I believe those are the people that have good intension to perform well while they were in pdp,but were not allowed to do so, buhari might have discovered that.i think it doesn’t mean anything.

  5. Hmmmmm it is well. Let me just pretant Buhari knows what he is doing. But people can change. Maybe dose on the list what to work for change now bcos b4 they did nothing

  6. Well, the list can not be ultimately confirmed for now but if this list is true, I will key in to the fact that he chose those that performed above average in the last administration and believe they can work with him. My own take is if he finds anyone of them wanting in the task they should do, he shouldn’t hesitate to sack them.

  7. The writer and publisher of this list is biased already. The list is not authentic as it contains names of people from the south west except Kwakwanso and Amaechi. More the writer was so much concerned about who is pdp or apc on the list.

  8. If this is d list, then APC will not last more than 4 years in government and PDP will be heralded to return to power.
    It is very unfortunate for Nigeria indeed. But this cannot be d list bcos where are d core Northerners, where are d Ibos? Some states have 2 names on d list while many are missingm . That’s certainly against d federal character guaranteed by d constitution. Above all where are d Ogbonnaya Onus, Boss Mustaphas, Pat Utomis, d former governor of Akwa Ibom , Senator Chris Ngige etc who have worked extremely hard for d party? Where are d youths and women who are to accelerate d change element? We live to see.

  9. What we fail to understand is the fact that all the ministers in the GEJ cabinet are very good but due to the president weakness thus giving room to the corruption that wrecked the PDP government. So the issue is not about the selection or calibre of minister but about the leader overseeing is cabinet and ensuring that there accountability in his government which was lacking in PDP government

  10. Funny one sided government, is this the change gen…have talking about to move the economy country to one section of the country hmmmm

  11. Well with the that GMB put together ,,,well i want to tell all Nigerians that it will be difficult for us to move forward ,,,why president appoint young men and women instead of all those have already ok interms of wealth and more ,,,if we want change in this country then he should not use them at all thanks.

  12. A man or a group of men that previously distroyed a company , if changes come: they may be the men who re build the company, as the changes not appear on the face but in the heart.

    The only thing in this philosohpy is; heart is like a system unit in computer system, it will only work with what had been installed on it.

    So if you found a virus in your computer, the moment you format it and install another programms, applications etc. You will expect the computer to work as it is a new.

    Thus, these people, we belief that they have formated the idea used by out going government and installed new ones that will be used by the in-coming government.

    May Allah help them to use the the programm installed in them
    ( CHANGE).


  13. If truly these list of names comes from Buhari, then he should prepare for his down fall cos apart from Dolad Duke of Calabar all the other people are WOLVES IN SHEEP CLOTHING. Buhari better look properly before u leap.

  14. I am happy that Gov babatunde Raji fashola is in the list, fmr Gov Donald Duke, chief Dele Momodu we’v not seen the other names but am not happy that Gov Rotimi Amechi is there.

  15. I reserve my comment for now. I am certain GMB is wise, he knows what he is up to. This may be the first experiment.

    Let us cross our fingers.

    Best of luck Naija!

  16. Dis same people av once lead d nigerian in one way or d oda nd wot did dey do: dey embezzle nd mismanaged public funds. Is d change mean bring thieves 2 power again?

  17. This is a blatant lie; u hungry publisher. Buhari is an intelligent man that always use common sense. Buhari is yet undecided and so swallow ur bad arorma

  18. I doubt dis,how can yesteday failure supporter now waikup today and say they want to be part of d administration of change…well,we will see

  19. This man has hate for igbos,can’t even see one Igbo name there,we know that after 48 years the civil war hasn’t ended

  20. My assumption according to the publisher is that the Security Agencies still have yet the remaining names on the list. Let us allow the final list to be out. This publisher is too in a haste. Why should this publisher swiftly brought out an incomplete list. Even if such name(s) is(are) cleared by the security agencies, I want to believe that the same list would still pass through the National Assemblies for their own verification before final approval. I also assume that President-elect wants to perform an experiment in other to get and bring out something that would make him to move the Nation forward. So I want also to assume that such names that are old wine might not last more than one or two years before they would be replaced because some of the defected people have to be satisfied. Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari is a disciplinarian. Let’s have our fingers crossed for now. I wish this country Nigeria the very best under GMB

  21. There is nothing bad in the list as long as there is going to be a thorough declaration of there property and make sure there is no room for corruption from them. I pray the bad blood in them that they use to rule Nigeria those days has been washed away. May the good Lord help them to take the country to the promise land. God bless Nigeria

  22. The writer simply wanted to misinform the public with fake list to justify his bias for the change revolution. He claimed to have full list of 40 ministarial nominees but ended up listing 19 names while emphasizing that Buhari’s nominees are former Pdp members.

  23. change will definitely come our by the special grace of God. Since that is what we have being yearning for. General Buhari has taken the right step in the right direction by submitting the names to be peruse. So that at the end of the investigatation. If any candidates is found not suitable for his government. Then rejecting that person would not be a difflcult issue to handle by President elect.

  24. Change will definitely come our way as Nigerians. By the special grace of God. General Buhari has taken the right step in the right direction by submitting ministerial nominees for onward perusing. So that at the end of the investigatation. If any candidates is found not to be suitable for his government. Then rejecting that person would not be a difflcult issue to handle by President elect.

  25. Only God can save us in this country, see the few names listed above, old men to serve the country, why not appoint young and vibrant men from different states and tribes. Well until the full list is out.

  26. Rabi’u musa kwankwaso does not deserve to be a minister of federal republic of Nigeria in as much as GEN. BUHARI want Nigeria to move forward. and also GMB have to think twice before appointing any person as his minister.

  27. I think Nigerians should continue praying for GMB to choose the right set of people to work with him. I don’t see what Olagunsoye Oyinlola would do in this cabinet. GMB should be careful. I pray God will help him choosing right

  28. Y judging naw ? This is not d official list I believe gmb is wise and intelligent and he knows wht he is doing let’s wait and see

  29. God md it possible and that same god will lead dose ppl.
    GMB did north heat we igbo ppl. Is wee that we heat ourselves. How i wish he will accept sonnoe like Sullivan chime formal governor of enugu state.. God bless Nigeria

  30. As much as i think the list is not authentic, Nigerians should be vigilant. Governors should not be allowed to appoint ministers. Let it be on merit. Lets all turn in our cvs and best qualified picked. Am very qualified, vibrant and talented and many undiscovered also.Buhari should try something new.Lets be done with this repackaging tendency.

  31. what in God name his this;this is a favour list!the begin tells how it would endup,danjuma son,what are his critarials? becos he his a son to ty danjuma?ex governor and states men,where
    are these brainy young graduates,where are the so called leaders of tomorrow,we have first class products from great university,where are they;hmmm apc watch url foundAtion or you go back to your holes;i see great crisis falling Nigeria sooner or later.revolution!x!!!lives would go down,if gmb fails….

  32. I know the list can’t be true. But,my advice for GMB is to look beyond the politicians in selecting his cabinet for him to have a good result.

  33. I am youth dat desire 2 see youth at d helms of afair Yes some of dis pple defected 4rm PDP let d youth improve by trying rise 2 dis position they wld surely retire some day d change wil come if there is d political will from d leader (president) d rest wld situp & work if he GMB dose not indulge them d way GEJ did

  34. I see nothing wrong with most of the people selected. Some of them have actually proved themselves albeit in governments that have been generally characterised as unsuccessful. It s possible that in a different environment, they will deliver
    It is not hard to understand the scepticism of Nigerian s but this is thetethe to be optimistic watchful and be ready to point out thier areas of concentration
    Four years is not too long

  35. if this is true,am sorry apc will not last,the pdp members who defect to apc due to the hatrad they has for Goodluck Jonathan wil only work with apc to diorganise them,then reunite themself and stand their main party pdp-is just a game.

  36. What we need at this point is to keep praying for the change promised by GMB and stop complaining. Wish nigerians best of luckdis time around.

  37. Defecting to APC means accepting the principle of change. No couse for alarm making those who defected to apc ministers as they have been baptized with the spirit of change

  38. If Buhari deem it fit to submit a name for comfirmation that shows he is not bais …! What of if he acted in full capacity by comfirming the nominees ?

  39. How can we make progress when the cabal that has been responsible for the failure of Buhari’si presidential ambitions in the past suddenly decided to allow the votes to count this time around?. We cannot make headway in this country with the continual recirculation of the elites in the guise of elections and new government every four years since 1999. Mark my words and even quote me by the time the current administration leaves office in 2019 Nigerians will still be groaning under the problems of unemployment gross ,impunity,fuel scarcity,religious intolerance,wastage of public funds at the slightest opportunity etc .Buhari cannot ,will not and is not going to change Nigeria nor will he crush the cabal and its agents that have made the nations oil wells their bedroom and parlor.If he could people who combined to wreck the economy hiding under the umbrella(PDP) will now not hide in the broom(APC) claiming to be messiahs. Is Nigeria the inheritance of some groups of people and their families?. Are there no honest ,god-fearing and highly educated Nigerians that can be chosen as ministers ?. Those that put him in power will continue to call the shorts and plant their agents as ministers,directors general and heads of parastatals and other agencies of government .The old man cannot but dance to their tune .They know what they did to make him win the last election and send GEJ packing .The cabal have the old man by his balls. He cannot rock the boat Albeit i wish him safe journey into and out of Aso rock and the presidential villa. LONG LIVE NIGERIA!

    • If those names are truly from Buhari, it means he has taken a wrong step because those people are the old cabal that held this country from moving forward.

  40. This is rubish. Where can Olagunsoye take us to that he did take his state? Buhari should not allow nigerians to nervous at ths early time. All this names are those that made Nigeria what it is now. We need pple that we have not seen in governance not ex-govs.

  41. What an incredible list even before the final and authentic one is released! But from the names shown, it appears Buhari will end up having grandiose plans of success for this country without substantial and serious team members to actualize his dreams. The starting point of his readiness is for those screening list to be sincere and bold enough to invalidate all those with skeletons in their cupboards by investigating their past in whatever capacity. A truthful simple declaration of assets shall knock many out as the President cannot use corrupt people to fight corruption because there is no morality in doing so. Whether old brigades or new ones does not matter but all the bad eggs should not be given another chance to plunder this blessed country further down the drain. Let the change Buhari and APC promised us not lead us to a revolution of cleansing or removal of the unwanted leaders for Nigeria to move forward. I rest my ideas for now.

  42. For Allah sake Baba Buhari why still a particular group of people would be featuring as Ministers. Some have been ministers be4 in that list,some governors and they enriched themselves and still want to be ministers. How many of them have developed their communities, gave scholarships etc. Why why why??. May Allah guide u Baba pls and do the right things. Out of all the old list is only Tam David-West I trust.

  43. My concern is not really on container, rather on the stuffs it contains. Lets cross our fingers for now, believing in the redemption of our dear country Nigeria. He who laugh last, laugh longest.
    God/Allah is truly at work.

  44. I thing New Government there no choose in progressively becouse there raze so much Enoug New gornment they take promisesses say;its dificult they choose somebody lf he did’t assist wealth,therefore we are call the new president he considered this issue Becouse along time of compaing Buhari said’Never he give somebody weapon if he no assist on he on wealth.Buhari you look the Nation don’t look the other people,you look the National interest.l hope new president he Remember the promises time of Declaration.

  45. Buhari is a wise man better leave him alone, i you dont know what he is doing then you will not know were he is going. But for me i knew because to catch a thief is by drawing him closer to youself

  46. I can’t wait to celebrate d man pple die to hear of.d fear of corrupt pple. d golden boy of Nigeria democracy. d lion of d Delta.Hon Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi

  47. To me if president buari present this name means no change in his how can we be in just one lines of goverment to me dat is how I see it, u are a governor for years stil looking for minister is dat nigeria as nobody to do dis again ? Exept does who kept there states in shater? Wen we d young ones get to d top? when dis selfish ones refuse to alow nigeria to grow. Abi naa there farther sit? Am not seen change coming with dis o.

  48. The nomination is very good being the fact that Mr. President had already screen them and found them worthy of being nominated for they are Nigerians. I think we have come an edge not to continue having a negative thinking about any Nigerian irrespective of his former or present political party. But they should always put Nigeria and Nigerians ahead of themselves. Moreso, National Orientation Agency should also be considered as it has the mandates of changing positive attitude of all Nigerian. Thank you.

  49. I can’t start condemning the list until they are commissioned to discharged their duties and when they can’t do what is expected then people can now judge and question them or blame the president .

  50. why is it DAT same people who av been in power since 1999 are still d people ruling us n we want to believed dere will change, well 4 me I pray God shud stand president buhari

  51. hmmmmm.if d list is true,den i c no change.our leaders are fund of recycling old dust bins.they said the youths are the leaders of tommrow,but the truth is theres is no tomorow for the nigeria youths and no hope for the future.its highth should stand and say no to this nonesensical ideology

  52. Pls my president you’re voted to bring change in nigeria,and we need a change in nigeria,those nominees can not cost change,because they’re the same bad eggs in the former government that mess our country up and lead nigeria’s to vote you into power,pls do something my president to bring change in our country

  53. I will use this opportunity to introduce my friend to you. Some of you may Know him but not in detail.I want to do that so that you will know how to diversify your thought. Who is this friend? He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, the first and the last,the everlasting father, the priest of peace, the lion of the tribe of Judah, counselor, wonderful, to be mentioned but few.That is JESUS. He is the only that promises and never fail, the only one that cannot be stop by any limitations. In fact he is the creator of all creature, lets every one bow before him.If you are ready to do so shout a louder AMEN

  54. i encourage mr president for this ministerial names it is clear to me people complain that back to square zero speechless now somebody steal your money you dont know who is that thief later you discover who stole thé money the most simple way you were finish him if you wanted to go somewhere or travel give him your money to keep it for you do you think he wil steal your money again wel you already handover your property to him anything happen he is thé resposible for that show you how to catch olé?

  55. with all these names released by the President for ministerial appointment is not the change we need in Nigeria,it will be wise to nominate from neutral body not people of questionable character. Nigeria should wake up from their slumber

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