Regina Askia Compares SA’s Xenophobia To Nigeria’s Law Against Homos3xuals

Ex-actress Regina Askia Williams posted this on her Facebook wall this afternoon, canvassing for a world where everyone’s rights will be respected. What do y’all think?


  1. There are rights that are dangerous and deadly to the society (and indeed the entire globe) – just like everybody can not be allowed to carry arms or every nation acquiring nuclear warhead and stuffs like that.

    God Almighty has set the standard for His world and anything outside that has now become our confusion, trouble, instability and war – the effects the entire nations are suffering.

    I pray our rights respect our (society/global) moral values – bringing no form of debase.

  2. Anyone agitating for gay right should first tell us how he/she came into this world.Secondly tell us how a man or woman will f**k same s*x and reproduce

  3. U Hv already judged urself by knwing that pple will throw atantum and insult. U already knw d right thing jst that u find it difficult to accept instead u start looking for pple to support u. Homosexualism can never be acceptabe as normal life regardless of who is into it. That every body is involved in it doesn’t make it right at all. It is simply the interpretation of Igbo popular saying “ihe ojoo gbaa afo oburu omenala” that when evil survives a test of time is becomes a tradition and that doesn’t change the evil to good. It is still evil. So for the sake of POSTERITY and true teachings of Christianity, let us have a rethink. Thank You.

  4. Talk of ignorant… anybody that talks in this manner shows not just insensitivity but callousness. Comparing some pple who go abt senselessly & brutally killing fellow human beings with lack of recognition for homosexuals in Nigeria as being one & the same is ridiculous. This kind of mentality is obviously a product of Neo colonisation. Denying ur heritage & pretending to be white…get real!!!!


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