Libya Conflict: Turkish Ship ‘Bombed Near Tobruk’


A Turkish freighter has been attacked near the coast of Libya, leaving one crew member dead, Turkey’s foreign ministry has said. The ship came under artillery and aerial fire near the eastern port of Tobruk late on Sunday, the ministry said. Several crew members were hurt. BBC has more:

Turkey criticised what it called an “atrocious” act. But Libya said it had issued warnings about not approaching parts of the coastline. Libya has been in chaos since its long-time leader, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, was overthrown with Western military help in 2011.

The internationally-recognised government is based in the port city of Tobruk and in al-Bayda, having been expelled from the capital, Tripoli, by militias in 2014.

Turkey’s foreign ministry said the ship, which was carrying gypsum from Spain to Libya, came under attack 13 nautical miles (24km) from Tobruk, its destination. The Turkish third captain was killed. But a spokesman for forces belonging to the Tobruk government said it was destined for Derna, a port city 106 miles (171km) further west.


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