How A School In Ajah Killed My Son – Grieving Mother Writes


I just got this email from a grieving mum who lost her 1 year old son last year at his creche in a school in Ajah. He choked to death while eating. Read her heartbreaking story below…

“Please share my story to the world. I would have sent this earlier but it took God’s Grace and courage because I am still in pain. My son’s name is Oluwatamilore Holloway. I enrolled him in Debiruss creche on the 16th of September as soon as he clocked 1 on the 13th of sept, 2014. He was loving and peaceful, but I wanted him to mingle with people. On the 26th of November, 2014, I was called by the school authority to meet them at Budo Hospital in Ajah around 2pm. I was in Ajah market so I rushed there, unfortunately I did not meet my Tamilore alive, he was dead, I asked them what happened and they couldn’t give me an answer.

I was told probably he was dehydrated and the hospital told me he was brought in dead. I asked the Nanny what happened, she said he woke up and she was feeding him, that she gave him the first spoon and that when she was about to give him the second spoon, he started closing his eyes, thank God for autopsy which revealed that my son died due to Aspiration of Food particles in the lungs, definitely, he was choked to death with food.

As soon as they heard the result was out, they started coming to my house to beg me, they even went to my priest in church. It had to take the intervention of my priest that I should just leave everything to God.

They came to me and they offered to close down the creche and get a Nurse for the school and that they would write my Family an Apology letter , that was in January which I haven’t gotten as I write this .

I also noticed that during Christmas they had the effontary to decorate their school, despite the fact that my son just died, they told me they had already contacted the decorator and that they couldn’t stop him, they even had Christmas party which I felt it wasn’t fair on my part.

I gave them 3 conditions that they should get a professional Nurse, get a CCTV for their school and they should get a Qualified child minder , but they only came back to tell me they were going to close the creche and that it will only be opened for the children of their staff.

On the 6th of May,I went to the school to find out what was happening, if they had truly closed the creche, I went in through the back gate and I went straight to the creche,I found out , they had no Nurse, one of the child minders who was working there,was still there, there was no CCTV and the crèche was not closed down, because I saw other children from outside who was also with my son in the crèche.  I was told they got a Nurse and I think the working conditions was not suitable for the Nurse so she had to leave.

My grievance is that they carried on in their normal Business as if nothing happened, and I expected them to do the needful, I did not even ask them for a dime, but I said for the sake of other children, they should get Qualified people who will take care of the children should in case first Aids has to be given but because they are money conscious, they would rather let the worst happen than prevent it, and what they do is to convert an ordinary cleaner to a Nanny or child minder to save cost. A Nanny who is not experienced and who can’t even feed a child. They have to do the needful before they kill other children, who can’t speak for themselves like my poor son.


  1. Ohh my dear sorry 4 d lost of ur child. Pls take heart,but 4 d school der suppose to bring in a nanny dat has nurse a bby b4 so dat a tin like will not happen again not only 1 lik 5-6 nannies bcos its not easy to take care of kids especially babies. Nd a Cctv must b der to view what eva dat is going,nd lately a good nurse in case if a tin lik dat occurs again. Ur idea is okay but take heart

  2. That school shd be sued. Other parents in dt school shd have shown solidarity with ds bereaved mother bcos it cld have been them in her place.

  3. That’s so bad of the school…
    This is the height of wickedness..some people are too devlish to be called humans..m a year old baby’s life was cut short cux of mere carelessness…

    Please Let’s be careful where we keep our kids…let’s be prayerful..the world is wicked

  4. May your son soul rest in peace. You said the school went to your Priest to plead with you and that you have left everything in God hand, if this true, then their party and decoration of the school has nothing to do with you. Closing down the school creche also is not your business. Sorry your son died, but they are other children there. You are asking for a qualified nurse to be employed, how much was your son school fees! Your money will give you what you are paying for. You also said you went to the school, this shows you are still angry with the school, bcos u have no business been there. I will advice u to pray God to straighten u against vengeance and jealousy.

    • Festus, u should have tried as much as you could to understand her concern. It has nothing to do with jealousy and vengeance, rather for the safety of other children today IR tomorrow. She is advocating appropriate measures by the school authorities to prevent reoccurrence of such premature death. It’s very painful. If u were a parent, you will understand. If the fees they collect is not enough to Carter for qualified nurse and nanny, they should invite the parents of their wards to discuss this and then proffer a solution. So, stop fighting the poor woman for airing her grievance and their negligence.

    • please who is this festus guy?,you must be so heartless because you dont know what it takes to carry a child from pregnancy and brith the chil.So it is too much for a grieving mother to ask that other children be protected from this sort of event reoccuring?,if you were the mother or father of that child or at least had a heart,you will not post the comment you posted,whatever the school fee that was paid,a school should NEVER hANdle children if they dont have the capacity to do that or if they are not equipped to do so. They should never have opened in the frst place!!!,or they should simply charge a fee that will quarantee the adequate care of those kids.The least a parent can ask is that a school ensures proper care for that wards while they are not there and if this school cannot do that then they should be closed down before anoher child dies due to negligence!!!.Please shout it out some more,this school deserves to be shut down.Its not about the grieving mother or the child who died,or forgiveness or revenge.Its about the lives of those other kids in that school.

  5. May ur son RIP,and God wil giv u double blessins 2 replace ur loss. My advice on dis issue is dat u shud stop hurtin ursef d mor,visitin d skool,monitorin dia party wil do u no good.if u hav forgiven dem,den let it go. But sayin a common cleaner minds childrn is uncalled for,bcos evry woman is a potential child minder,weda she’s got childrn or not,dats is how we r made 2 b.derz no professionality abt takin care of a child. D thn is its quite unfortunate dat ur son was a victim.if u feel dey r yet to do al doz u askd dem 2 do, and u r stil aggreved u hav d rite2 sue dem to court den again it wil mean u haven’t forgiven dem as u claim. So plz dnt hurt ursef any furda, allow God 2 put anoda smile on ur face.

  6. Festus, u should put urself in that womans shoes and watch ur statements. Evil prevail where men keep silent, even if it means closing down d school until they are ready to take good care of those children, it does not wort the live of that boy. That school should be well monitored. Mum take heart. All is because we have no standards in this part of the world. May God save us.

    Mrs Holloway, sorry that you lost your precious son. No parent will be happy about this story, but you have bluntly refused to tell the whole story about your son’s previous medical records before his death. You were so heartless to leave a child with such failing health in a creche, a child who was so emaciated, was not eating for days and under daily medications. You’ve not told your world audience and Luciferian and Ahithophelian advisers on this blog that the child had serious medical conditions. I learned you’re a gold digger who knew the child was going to die but was looking for where it will happen so you can slam the institution with legal suits as you’ve been advised. Remember that whatever we do in this world will surely be rewarded in this life or in eternity. I learned that you were even at home on the set day the child died; you mentioned in this blog that you were even in Ajah market, a stone throw from the school. What prevented you from backing a sick child to the market as I see other caring modern mothers do?
    You and your husband look very innocent, but unfortunately you are diabolically minded. Your child’s medical records are in KIZITO Hospital and Doren, I can’t remember others. I want to categorically tell you and other reasonable people that care to hear that Debiruss School did not kill your child, you did. You killed your child so that you can ride on the school to cheap fortune. This school was your former employer, you resigned barely four months after your employment to pick up a high flying job in a large organization because of your craze for materialism. Your house is less than five minutes walk to Debiruss School your former employer as I know, this short distance would have been a plus for you as a young family as to enable you to properly oversee your sick child, but you were nonchalant.
    Reading through people’s comments on your story, I saw people who are completely ignorant about the facts making comments that are not true. It is one thing to start a fight; it is completely a different thing to win it. The school I learned really sympathized with you and even created a roster of staff to undertake daily visits to your house for two months t, tone down their Christmas party to the chagrin of parents and children of Debiruss. I know Debiruss school to be a very caring school, above so many in Ajah and Lekki neighborhood.
    I pray that you succeed in your scheme to claim huge money from the school by your emotional laden masterpiece. SEARCH your conscience, is it Debiruss that killed your son or YOU and your husband did? As a father, I really feel bad that that little angel had to die so soon, I initially sympathized with you when I heard the story and I still do, but I feel so disgusted by your insensitivity in making the death of this innocent child a public debate on the social media. I wish you and your Luciferian and Ahithofelian advisers well. THERE IS GOD 0000! I rest my case


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