5 Definite Signs You Are In The Right Relationship


Check whether your relationship has the characteristics given below. If it has, be assured that you have found your soul mate.

#1. You are not insecure about sharing the skeletons in your closet

The right relationship develops a sense of security and ease between the both of you, which in turn enables you to talk uninhibitedly about almost anything. Whether it was your troubled childhood, distress at work, a broken love relationship, or any bad memory of your life, you are not uncomfortable to share it with that person. You are not scared of being judged by your partner or of ruining the relationship, by revealing the skeletons in your closet.

#2. You can perceive your partner’s needs

Both of you might be poles apart in terms of your likes and dislikes, yet you know instinctively what your partner needs. You can read their expressions without the need of words being uttered. You know how your partner is going to feel in different situations, and you are ready to be there for them at all times.

#3. Unconditional acceptance

No two people are the same. So, living together requires mutual acceptance and understanding. However, when you are in the right relationship, none of these acceptance issues seem like a ‘compromise’ even when the both of you are from different cultures and faiths. You do not mind the fact that your partner feels differently about certain things. Despite the differences in your ideologies, you don’t have to force yourself to accept your partner, or vice versa. So, think does the acceptance come naturally and unconditionally to you, and will you be able to be comfortable with these things in the long run? If the answer is ‘yes’, then you have found the one. In other words, you put ‘we’ before ‘me’.

#4. You can fight without fear

If you are angry with your partner, you don’t hesitate to argue and have a heated discussion with them, because you know that such things won’t affect your bond. The right relationship gives you such strong feeling of security that you simply know that the bond will last through tough times. If your relationship has this quality, then rest assured, this person will stand by you through the thick and thin of the life.

#5. Your family and friends approve

Your family and friends perceive more about you than you give them credit for. They can read the unconscious signs you give out about your state of mind. Since they know you so well, they can perceive whether you are truly happy with your partner or not. So, if your family and friends happily approve of your partner, you are definitely in a right relationship.

Apart from all the above signs, here is an additional one- distance makes the heart grow fonder. If you find yourself aching for your partner when you are physically away, and when your relationship is not about the “out of sight, out of mind” syndrome, you know that you have found the “ONE”.


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