SCARY! SEE Where These Beauty Pageant Contestants Were Made To Catwalk (Photos)

A group of beauty pageant contestants have been told to do the unbelievable in China. 


DailyMail reports that a group of beauty pageant contestants were made to put aside their fear of heights as they paraded on a narrow, glass covered mountain footpath in red bikinis and black high heels in a ‘test of their composure’.

The challenge was part of the central China stage of the annual Miss Bikini of the Universe contest, which has been running since 2005. One of the contestants, Yang Ningqing said,

First of all, it allowed us to become more courageous, and second it allowed us to practice our most fundamental skills,’This catwalk, even though it was a very crude catwalk, allowed us to show off our most beautiful posture.’

Another contestant, Wang Linwei, said:
‘I have never done training on a cliff, I’m not going to lie, it is a little scary.’  See more photos below:





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