Photos: Drug Convicts Executed In Indonesia Buried


Indonesia disregarded last-minute appeals and executed 8 drug traffickers including 4 Nigerians. Pictures of the dead being buried and details from their last minutes before being executed have been released to the media. According to the pastors who were with them in their final hours, Andrew Chan, Myuran Sukumaran and the other 6 death row inmates declined to wear blindfolds and were singing as they were shot by a 13-member firing squad in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The 8 men chose to face their executioners and spent their last minutes on earth praising God and singing songs which included ‘Amazing Grace’.

On Wednesday morning, Pastor Christie Buckingham – who read Chan and Sukumaran their last rites – said the 8 death row inmates walked out onto the killing field singing religious songs in the moments before they were executed. Pastor Buckingham said the men conducted themselves with ‘dignity and strength until the end’. Another pastor, Karina de Vega, said it was a ‘beautiful experience’.

Execution ground
The bodies being carried to be buried
Families mourn


  1. Goodness Can Never Exist From That Country,and They Will Never Rest From Wrong Doing And Disaster Can Never End In Ther Region Including Those Those Tha Apply Blackspemying In To There Law,something Strange From World Would Be There Potion Cos They Goies Against Will Of God

  2. We Are Not Back There Notorious Work But They Have To Respect Human Right Law, And Ever Country Has There Respective Law,but Indonisian Have Gone Against The Will Of Almight God.Nothing Good Willl Ever Exist From That Continent,they Will Always Face With Wrath Of Almighty God

  3. It is realy unfair,but God knows the best.but there is no peace for the weakend and death is a journey every one must take one day,rip love. Once

  4. Please sir, God is watching, President of Indonesia please stop executing humanbeins like animal s for God’s sake bible condemned it & u were also created by God, please try & amend ur country’s constitution to so many years in prison for drug traffickers rather than comiting this before God. Please sir.

  5. This is too hard pls Indonesia amend your constitution respect human right we know what they did is bad but their is other ways for punishment and besides send them back to their respective countries to face the law rather than killing human being like animal

  6. I say sorry to affected families;
    but were they not aware of this seemingly harsh law?

    their choice of profession destroys more than 8 lives at a time.

  7. A big sorry to affected families.

    But were they not aware of this seemingly harsh law? Their choice profession buries more than 8 lives at a time .

  8. A big sorry to affected families.

    Truth is that their choice of profession kills more than 8 lives at a time. Pls don’t condemn Indonesia.

  9. Indonesia would never see peace again startin fr its 1,2,3,4 generation in Jesus precious Name Amen.RIP love ones

  10. United Nation should sanction Indonesia for that wicked act against humanity. May the souls of those that were executed rest in the blossom of the Lord Amen.

  11. is quite unfortunate a law as harsh like this, still exist in Indonesia…. I think the human right show stand up to this so that dis deadly law of theirs should be amended. RIP

  12. Dat blood sucker dat calls him self president of Indonesia must not go unpunished for disobeying God, his Generation ll remain useless 4 life.

  13. My sympathy goes to family of the deceased but remember whosoever that makes money from drug dealing is also a killer bcos they must ve destroy a lot of lives before being caught ,so if u re making or earning ur money via drug pls dont use it to train ur children bcos by and by they would not be vital to u bcos u ve destroyed other people children through ur drug dealings,if u re a wife, mother and relations to drug dealers better advice them before the reparcusion .thank u

  14. A lesson to all let’s respects our lives plz dose rascals only kwo the value of there family lifes.From God we are,and to him WE Shall return

  15. Since the dead repented and start praising God even when they knew that they will be executed,may God forgive them and receive them in heaven Amen.R.I.P to the gone, and peace to their families

  16. This barbaric thing must be condenmed by all. For God’s sake these are human beings we are talking about here!! What are the prisons for? A big shame to Indonesia! SHAAAMMME!!!!!!!!!!

  17. It is too bad that all our government could ask for was dead bodies when others are bringing back home their ambassadors. fine this guy’s did wrong but the judgment us to harsh am sure life imprisonment would have been better instead of taking life they can’t create unnecessary. Four Nigerians and just two Australian and Australia can’t take it. Is the life of Nigeria citizens mean anything to the government?

  18. D drug traffickers chose 2 b executed bcos dy knew d law b4, mwhile some ar still on d way 2 do same, stop cursing instead preach 2 ur people 2 shun d business.

  19. Why are the police around at the burial? Are they afraid someone will make them come alive again? I would think that Indonesia authorities would be absent. They did their part now they should GO AWAY and let the family grieve in peace.


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