Over 6,000 Jobs On The Line In Nigeria As Xenophobic Attacks Continue In South Africa

Anti-Xenophobia Protest

As xenophobic attacks continue in South Africa and Nigerians threaten to attack South African organisations in the country, MTN Nigeria has warned that any attempt to attack it or boycott its services may lead to the loss of jobs by over 6,000 currently engaged by the firm.

MTN’s Corporate Service Executive, Wale Goodluck, stated this in Lagos following protests by young Nigerians at its Abuja and Benin offices against the spread of xenophobic attacks in South Africa, where the company originates from.

Goodlick explained that there are only 12 expatriates working for MTN in the country, compared to a workforce of 6,000 Nigerians.

“So, if people go ahead with their threats to attack our facilities, what that means is that we may be forced to close down the business in Nigeria and about 6,000 Nigerians that make up 99 per cent of our workforce will be unemployed. Then, when you look at our support chain, we have about 500,000 Nigerians gainfully employed. So, boycotting our services simply means destroying so many other Nigerian businesses and making over 500,000 other Nigerians to lose their jobs,” he said.

“This business supports a lot of businesses across the length and breadth of Nigeria. Many of the businesses that are affiliated to South Africa are in the retail space, supporting the growth of Nigeria and employing so many Nigerians,” he added.

However, the company urged the government of South Africa to put a stop to the spread of xenophobic attacks in the country.


  1. This is nonsense. A lot like me in Nigeria want u 2 pack out. U exploit Nigerians and u say nonsense. May thunder strike MTN out of the surface of the earth

  2. pls where is this senseless ape called Wale Goodluck from? is he a Nigerian or what? instead of him pleading with Nigerian, is there threatening. Anyway,we should remind me of okupe n how he end up with his boss when he said Nigerians are nothing.we voted them out.He should wait n see what Nigerian can do if the inhuman continue in SA.wale badluck be warn.

  3. Where is the cow called wale goodluck from? This man is a south african not a nigerian.when there is no mtn where is niveria then? They entered into our lives and we say we dont want them any more, then what is your problem with that? We pledge to nigeria not fucking mtn, they should leave.

  4. pls it’s wrong to say that Wale. why do we hv saboteurs so much? cos of the peanut u make u don’t even care about ur brothers abroad? If they continue and all foreigners r driven out of nigeria, we hv more than enough opportunity left. 6000 is not a number. I preach peace, but if they keep killing our pple, den we hv no option.

  5. truly south Africans has committed a great atrocities dat warrant any judgement Nigerians pass to dem,but let look at it in another
    way ,dont let us take judgement in our hands ,if we destroy all south Africans property pls let ave it at d back of our mind dat we are destroying our fellow nigerians live cos dat is deir means of live hood…lets all say no to #xenophobia

  6. Stupid wale goodluck or whatever!! This shows you these people has no remous no feelings at all.. They are Ben feeling comfortable in our country when our people are been killed over there by their foolish Zulus I watched the videos on fb how South Africans murdered people, they burnt people to death.. Their government are relaxed.. What is our government doing ?? Folding their hands and watching how innocent Nigerians re dying.. It’s a big shame to Nigerian authorities.. Let it be blood for blood! A life of one Nigerian for 10 south aricans.. Inhumanity!! MTN must go wih nothing!!! Let our authorities give them 48hrs to leave the country or face execution.. That way they will go home and tell their people what their stupidity has course them.. South Africa will fall for ever.. Their destinies are hanged on slavery.

  7. son of a bitch 2 hell wale badluck nd cowards mtn nigeria staff!!!mek ona no mumu fools dem bcoz of money wey ona d get 4 mtn dat s why ona allow dat tin cm out talk lk mumu no body slap am. Wy people dying in south afrca we jst gve ona 3 days 4 d mess 2 stp or ona name na sorry mtn fools

  8. To hell to mtn. This company is a parasite to Nigerians. I just hope that when GMB takes office he would do the expected which is revoking their licenses.


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