NANS Give South African Govt. 72 Hours To Stop Xenophobic Killings


The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has given the South African Government 72 hours to stop xenophobic attacks on Nigerians and other Africans resident in the country.

President of the association Tijani Usman said this during a protest march by the association in Abuja on Tuesday.

The placard-carrying students marched to the MTN office and the South African High Commission both in Maitama.

“The purpose of this protest is to register our grievances and solidarise with our people in South Africa because of the xenophobic attacks; Africa is our own and we should not be racists in our own continent,” Usman said.

“We condemn such acts and we call on President Jacob Zuma of South Africa to address this issue with immediate effect, otherwise South Africans in Nigeria will not find things easy here; we will make sure they are deported back and we will shut all their businesses.

“This is a signal; we are giving them 72 hours to stop all attacks; if they fail, they will face the wrath of Nigerian students,” he said.

Usman also appealed to the United Nations to call the South African Government to order, adding that it seemed not to have taken any serious action to address the problem.

Also speaking, Mr Nwankwo Ezekiel, the NANS Public Relations Officer, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that the protest was to drive home the earlier ultimatum given to the South African Government.

“In our statement earlier, we gave seven days but today, we want to register our grievances so that in the next three days, we will shut down all South African investments in Nigeria, if the attacks are not stopped,” he said.


  1. Dis shows d world unmasurity of d S.A people, & d shameful act could only be wipe away by arest d couprats & be jail for 15yr

  2. I don’t know why one MAN will call himself a culprit and over one hundred people refused to call for his arrest and jail him for 20year just like Ex-Egyptian president, please no one above the LAW

  3. This is really barbaric and uncalled for. There so many other South Africans living in other countries. Crime is not peculiar to a particular group of people. While it is true that some commits crime, it shouldn’t be an excuse to start killing any one that is not from same country as you. This readily shows the lack of order and law that is prevalent in SA


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