Man Trekking For Buhari Reveals Something That’ll Interest You

Man who promised to walk from Lagos to Abuja if Buhari wins, Suleiman Hashimu has said some things that might interest you.


Suleiman Hashimu, also called ‘the traveller’ no doubt, has set a historical record as the first man to trek from Lagos to Abuja. In a new interview with newsmen, ‘The Traveller,’ as he is now called, a native of Katsina State, has talked about his over 2 weeks journey.

According to Hashimu, he was in Lagos when Buhari was announced the president-elect of Nigeria, so he left Lagos at about 5am the next day and arrived in Ibadan around 6pm. Narrating his ordeal to newsmen upon his arrival in Abuja, Hashimu said he had gone to get a police report at Ibadan to allow for an unimpeded journey, but that as he could not wait for the processes to be completed, the divisional police officer (DPO) gave him his phone number.

Hashimu said when he first embarked on the journey, many persons discouraged him, especially family members but he never gave up. He told journalists that in Ilorin, people accompanied him for several miles until he stopped at Oloru, where he received much hospitality in Jebba. He said unlike other villages, he met people who had heard of him.

He further explained that about 20 people set off with him from Jebba and after some miles, 18 turned back, but the other two were more strong-minded and followed him. The Traveller narrated how they encountered armed robbers close to Mokwa, but that, fortunately, he had already met one of them in Jebba and the would-be robber ended up giving him N200 for ‘pure’ (sachet) water.

Hashimu said he continued his trip from Mokwa to Kudu, then from Kutigi to Bida, and then to Suleja, after which he arrived in Abuja yesterday. Upon his arrival in Abuja on Monday, many residents were already waiting to receive him. When residents of FCT saw him, the chorus of Sai Buhari rented the air. Hashimu Suleiman yesterday received a horse as a gift from the Agora Of Zuba, HRH Mohammed Bello Umar.


  1. uari Must do the right thing in this Country… For a man to do such trekking, he must see the pain and the believe people hav in God for him so… Sai Buari must do this Country Proud… Well done Mr Suleiman Hashimu (The Traveller)

  2. Alhamdulillah All the praises and thanks belong to Almighty Allah for granting The Traveller a mercy and peacefull journey. Allah ya karamaka lafiya

  3. You are a hero for doing this despite all the trekking on high way as we all know it is highly dangerous. ALLAH YANA TARE DA KAI.

  4. Masha’Allah! What a tremendous effort! @Doomsday or Domjay: You’ll be frustrated all ur life n jealousy will kill u. Hail the traveler!

  5. Some people are doom to understand! A fellow Nigeria has set a great record that can not be broken for a long time but still some peopls are blind to see that! If to say na oyibo dey go make mouth mumu people in my country….

  6. Weather we lyk it or not,since day one I no dat buhari has d potential of moving nigerian foword.I wish him all d best in his endeavors as he proves his antigonist wroNg.we belivd in u say buhari.

  7. SAI BABA #may Allah continue to be with u @the traveler and may we continue to say SAI BABA as Nigeria continue to cleansn from corruption and poverty ONE NATION UNDER GOD’S WATCH ONE PEOPLE INDIVISIBLE BY ETHNIC TRIBE AND RELIGION

  8. Good work Mr. May God continue to strength you. But I think you should be at the hospital by now.
    To you His Excellency’ please don’t fail new Nigeria
    May God continue to strength you and give you the wisdom to take us to the promise land.

  9. Nigerians always looking for ways to be famous and get rich asap.he walked for 19days and his hair and bears are not bushy? seems his ancestors in the forest are helping him to shave….. lmfao. And I also guess Nigerian road are so free that hoodlums refuses to challenge him.Abegy make we hear word jor

  10. And for those of u that still grow hatred with d president elect,I don’t think anyone. Give a damn about ur coments so I will advise u to find something doing. With ur worthless life instead of criticizing. THE TRAVELER

  11. That is a message for the people’s general. You have a lot of trust from even the most irrational doer, you can’t afford to fail them.

    • @santus…..At last na aboki go kill all ur family members……u na aboki dy rule u now shey….mumu

  12. What hashimu did is not impossible, but I bet anyone that can doubt this that hashimu cannot trek from lagos to ibadan in 12 hrs . He lied . This journey suppose to take at least 4-5 weeks . But for 2 weeks I disagree unless he was entering vehicles at some points. But I gave it to him for his smartness and bravery well covered.

  13. how can a man trek 724 km in 13 days……. r Nigerians dat dumb to believe this GRAVE LIES? pls go bk to logos on foot while I use a camera to document ur ordeal……. LINUS shld b included in ur name

  14. Buhari is Nigeria president elect and will assume position on may29, which is not in dispute, but people should embark on reasonable sensible risk, what if he died on the way, it will not change anything buhari will still be president. Pls you Muslim folks should not applaud stupidity.

  15. I guess this man hashimu was the one nigerian that celebrated the victory of GMB. He deserves commendation and not condemnation!

  16. @kenedy u don’t ‘stand when some-one has made a vow and is keeping to it, he made the vow b4 d election out of d Hope and trust he has in buahari and how happy he will be if buari wins, and he kept to his word, either u belive it or not he has made a record, he’s an hero and his name ‘ll soon enter Guinness book of record.

  17. O boy u re too gbaski jare,some fool re still yet to believe bcos of there centiment,carry go we believe u die. Anybody wey kno believe make e go hug transforma…..Lolssss

  18. Anybody whose duty is to abuse and tribalistic in the social media is myopic, a mediocre and a child. Yausa, yoruba, lbo syndrome will lead us to no where. So from today just know where you belong as the way you see other tribes. We are one being just language that make you go crazy.!

  19. I love this man courage. Mr. Traveler” You greatness has just started. By the time God finish with you, u will be like” why do i deserved this My Lord?..


  20. good idea in appreciation of d new president.But d best way to show appreciation is to engage in philanthropic acts, lap d needy. plant trees, visit d homeless but not break the record western style for climbing d tallest trees, catching d biggest monkey. ,trekking the longest mountain ech

  21. What his is motives? He lied about trekking to Abuja from Lagos so what? What was he feeding on while on the journey? Did he take a break sleep over in some areas ? Or stayed awake travel night and day…APC agenda


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