Dencia Slams Tonto Dikeh Over Luxury Shopper Mess


Controversial Cameroonian singer and skin lightening entrepreneur — Dencia, has hit out at actress/singer Tonto Dikeh for falsefuly claiming that the bags she got from luxury shopper, Pumpsberry were fake.

Dencia also slammed the ‘poko’ queen for trying to vilify Pumpsberry because she is a famous actress.

I hate when people know the truth but try to vilify others cuz of their platform. Lying against some1 younger than u is disgusting” scathingly tweeted Dencia today, April 24, 2015.

Lets use our platforms to help young women be better people not thots, when I see a young woman doing something I help them not use them” she further tweeted.

Dencia wondered why Tonto Dikeh who has been a victim of lies should lie on someone else? “It’s always some1 trying to use their platform to lie against others.I have been a victim,u have bin a victim,why do it 2 someone else?

The drama between Tonto Dikeh and Pumpsberry started yesterday when the latter accused Tonto Dikeh of owing her for the bags she purchased in March.

Tonto Dikeh denied these claims saying the bags were fake, and she told Pumpsberry to collect her fake bags from her home.

Dencia has been a frequent customer of Pumpsberry and vouches for the authenticity of the goods she sells.

The singer encouraged her on Twitter.


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