Burglar Sues Victim After Getting Hurt On Their Property


A teenager and his family have sued the victim of a burgle incidence after their son broke into a school and got injured inside.  The family of Thomas Buckett, sued the county council in Staffordshire, England, after their son got injured on their property. Read more from Scoop:

Buckett broke into the food shop at the college with a group of friends before he jumped onto a glass skylight on the roof of the school. He was hurt when he landed inside the college. Buckett was left with serious head injuries after falling through the roof at the Clayton Hall Business and Language College in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Buckett plunged 15 feet onto a concrete floor after friends dared him to jump onto a glass skylight at the college. His family sued the County Council, saying that they needed to do more to protect their property. The family initially said that their son climbed on top of the roof to get a football. However, the court heard that a police investigation determined that the teen broke into the college.

Lawyers for the Buckett family argued that the council had ignored a long-term problem of people trespassing at this site during weekends and holidays. The judge found that the college did their best to protect their property, and that Buckett was illegally trespassing on the property when he was injured.



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