You Have Been Fed With Lies; Buhari Respects Women, He is Not A Religious Bigot – Amaechi


Rivers State Governor and Director General of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Campaign, Governor Rotimi Amaechi has described as unfounded, insinuations that the party’s presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari is a religious bigot.

Amaechi said this during an interactive session between the former head of state and women in Lagos.

“We have brought him here so that you ask him questions as you want, so that you can see that the other party has been feeding the country with lies. We have brought him here so that you can see that this man that is being demonised is after-all a human being and is not what they say he is and he is a man of his words,” Amaechi said.

“He is not a Christian but a Muslim, but Christians work with him. He told me two things when we started this campaign, he said to me I will give you 16 hours of my time but allow me my own 6 hours. He also told me that throughout his life, he allows Sundays for Christian who works with him, so he asked me to remove Sundays from our programmes so that his workers that are Christians can attend their churches.

“If you are conversant with our campaigns, you will realize we don’t do campaigns on Sunday. And what I find difficult was that during the Christmas season, we should have started our campaigns, he said no, this is the season the Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, we will not campaign until after that time. Can this man be a religious bigot? Who is lying?” he queried.

“They claimed General Buhari said that women should be in the kitchen but I can say with all sense of seriousness that have never seen his wife spend the whole day in the kitchen, I have also seen Hajia Buhari campaign, she is an epitome of a true woman, very gentle. You heard Professor Wole Soyinka saying you need to become a lady before assuming the position of a First lady. She has never abused the President and she has never talked against any man who has even abused her husband but our other woman says am her son and she has been abusing me. So if that my mother is a lady, she should please behave like a lady,” Amaechi said.


  1. People are no longer responding with comments all the APC lies. However, let me comment by asking amaechi to supply the names of the claimed Christians or forge their names.


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