Why I’ll Never Forgive Buhari – Afenifere Leader •Urges Yorubas To Vote Jonathan

Ayo AdebanjoLeader of the pan-Yoruba socio-cultural group, Afenifere, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, says he can never forgive the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Maj.-Gen Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), because of the sins he (Buhari) committed against Yoruba leaders while he was head of state between December 1983 and August 1985.

The Afenifere leader, who was a close associate of the late Premier of the Old Western region, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, said Buhari, who overthrew the democratically elected government of Alhaji Shehu Shagari, locked up all the Yoruba governors that served in that administration.

Adebanjo said this at a post-National Conference in Lagos titled, ‘Into tomorrow and beyond’ on Thursday.

He said, “Back then, Awolowo warned Shagari that his government would soon hit the rock if he did not put things in order. Shortly after, in December 1983, Buhari overthrew the government but the man that was speaking against Shagari (Awolowo), was harassed by Buhari.

“Buhari picked up all the Yoruba governors: Adekunle Ajasin (Ondo State); Olabisi Onabanjo (Ogun) and others, who were true progressives and locked them up.

“Somebody said I am a Christian and I should forgive Buhari but I said I cannot forgive such. Ajasin’s children say they have forgiven Buhari but I am not in their party, I can’t forgive him”.

Adebanjo said the North is strongly opposed to the implementation of the resolutions of the national confab because the region was benefitting from the system to the detriment of the South.

He, therefore, urged Yorubas to vote for President Goodluck Jonathan next week as he had promised to implement the report of the confab.

He also dismissed claims that he and other Afenifere leaders were bribed by the president to support his second term bid.

He said, “I am saying vote Jonathan not because he is Ijaw or from the South-South. No northerner will convoke a national conference because everything we are talking of that has been unfavourable to the South; they (North) are the beneficiaries”.


    • I wonder y pp kip sayin that. So its a law that someone has to be young to be able to rule the nation abi? Buhari once ruled this nation without mercy and corruption was almost 0%. Have you ever for once thought that maybe this is what Nigeria needs at the moment? Because from what i see Nigeria the great Country that she is, isn’t in a great place right now. I think Buhari should be given a chance to rule.

  1. Becos, the polity has succeeded in dividing Nigeria along religious and ethnic clusters.
    they are all evil and are asking for votes. Let all of them go and let the younger generation take over

  2. Baba, you are so much on your own! Whose interest are you really protecting? Was jakande not a governor at that time? Why is he now aligning with the APC? Even Baba Ajasin’s family said they have forgiven him. Moreover, our eyes are very open and as such, we don’t need anybody under the guise of being awoists or Yoruba leaders to mislead us. The said national confab, what exactly is in it for yorubas whose interest Baba adebanjo claims to be protecting? Resource control which happens to be the main contention at the confab was not well sorted out. Even if it was, it favours the oil producing states more and probably only Lagos state that contributes almost all of what has been ascribed to southwest to the national purse. Baba, can you please tell us how the implementation of this confab will impact positively on the interests of the Yoruba people. The Yoruba youths are tired of all these games and are ready for CHANGE! even this Baba I am sure cannot deliver his polling unit for Jonathan.

  3. @Mr Muyi, you are quite spot on. Its hard finding intellectual and insightful contribution like yours these days on social network and its a shame to our generation. Most people don’t even read or write good english and once they see an headline, they read that alone and not the story and give rubbish and insulting remarks. Its a travesty for our generation.
    As regards the elections, we should all take away sentiments and do what is right. Let’s do away with Religious and Tribal sentiments. For Christ sakes I am Yoruba and a Christian but if a Yoruba man or Christian as our leader cannot contribute anything good to my country, to hell with him even if it means a Yoruba person or Christian doesn’t rule for 50 years. He can be Fulani, Igbo, Ijaw, Muslim or even an Atheist, if he is the one to lead us (Nigeria) to greatness, I will gladly vote for him or her and wish him well. We should be more concern about the future and greatness of our country and not worrying ourselves with Tribalistic or Religious sentiment that is tearing us all apart. As a matter of fact, it won’t take us anywhere. It will only bring darkness. May our eyes open before its too late.

  4. Good,as the youths are looking the current events thr the lences of wisdom,as we are in the 20th centuary,no amount of diverse campaign with ethnocenritic and sectionoreligious bigotry could convince the present youth to instigate enemity between us or creat a devide,pls stop OLUDO thinking oo!!

  5. Mr Alagborandun, can you give another reasons, because Alh. Shehu Shagari said not quite long that Gen. Buhari did not overthrown his Government. And as regards the former Governors, what about those from South- East, South- South and the Northern part of the Country. What happened to Umaru Dikko? Please don’t put sentiment into this Elections. Let everybody vote the way they think is good for them. If you can not forgive somebody how God is going to forgive you by the way?


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