Voters can cover elections on camera – Lagos REC


The Lagos Resident Electoral Commissioner of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Akin Orebiyi, yesterday, said that the electorate could capture the voting process during the elections on camera.

“The world is now a global village so pictures are allowed to be taken at the polling booths. An electorate can come with his camera phone and take pictures of the voting process. The whole world is monitoring us and we will not be left behind as people hiding information,” he said at a briefing on the state of preparedness of the Police and other security agencies towards a successful and violent free 2015 general elections at Ikeja.

Orebiyi also urged the electorate not to be afraid to use the smart card readers because the commission has put everything in place towards a successful conduct of the general elections.

He also said that the commission has made adequate arrangements for seamless balloting in the 205 polling units across the riverine areas of Lagos. INEC has several life jackets, speed boats, large commercial boats and canoes for the polls.

“I was also in Ondo some years ago to conduct election and there were 271 polling units in the riverine areas and we had a very successful election. So I do not see Lagos with 205 polling units across the riverine areas and islands to be a problem.

“INEC is committed to ensuring a free and fair election and we do not intend to disenfranchise anybody or stop people from voting. In ensuring a credible election, we introduced two things which are the Permanent Voters Card (PVCs) and the smart card readers, which will help the commission to authenticate genuine and fake PVCs,” Orebiyi said.


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