Toke Makinwa On Private Jet Treat: “God Said My Gifts Will Bring Me Before King”


Toke Makinwa was excited to be flying private for the first time most likely but some people didn’t seem to be happy for her.

When she got back to Lagos last night, Toke Makinwa went on her Instagram page to share a photo of herself in the private jet.

Toke captioned it: –

“Touch down lagos!!!! Super thankful for growth, for some, these things might not be a big deal but I know where I am coming from. I have a very big God and his words are real. He said “your gift will bring you before kings” and I see it happening in my life. I’m happy for the way things are happening, I’m glad it didn’t happen earlier or later. His perfect timing completes me. Excited because I have never seen anyone serve God and fail. #Tokenakinwa #Tokenoments #longday #newweekcalls #onlyacoupleofhourssleep #Morningdriveinafew #myexpressionstodiefor #flyingwithdebs”

Some of her fans weren’t impressed with her showing off and attacked her.

One blasted the OAP saying“Hate it when people take pics on a pj. It’s not a big deal to fly private :(“

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