The Countdown To #HatsForward Dance Video Campaign Has Begun!

The countdown to the #HatsForward Video campaign has begun. Starting from 2pm today, shortlisted videos have been showing on the hour on

The #Hatsforward campaign is a youth-rallying video platform on the website of Goodluck Times that plumbs the creative and youthful energies of young Nigerians by encouraging them to create and upload freestyle dance videos, where hats, any type of hats, are passed forward accompanied by deft dance moves. The forward movement of the hats is symbolic of communality, unity in diversity and a stamp of support by youths to go forward with President Goodluck Jonathan into the next 4 years.

The#HatsForward campaign has been generating a buzz amongst the youth as an innovative and violence-free means of mobilizing the youth to take an active part in politics.

The Top Ten Winning Videos will be announced at at 8pm on Wednesday, 25 March 2015. We doff our hats to the winners!


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