Soldier Left Without Private Parts After Failed Kidney Surgery


A soldier filed a lawsuit against a hospital as a result of a failed kidney procedure which left him without private parts, according to court documents filed in Romania. Odd news blog has more:

55-year-old Costica Maroleanu checked himself into the County Hospital in Buzau, after suffering from kidney failure. His kidney surgery was successful, but a nurse inserted his catheter incorrectly, causing the private parts of Maroleanu to become infected.

Maroleanu was transferred to the Bucharest Military Hospital, where doctors examined him and found that all they could do was to amputate his private parts to save his life. A spokesperson for the hospital said that the soldier’s private parts were black from dead tissue and amputation was recommended.

Maroleanu was devastated by the news. His private parts were completely cut off. Maroleanu said that he now has to go to the toilet like a woman and it is very humiliating. In the lawsuit, the former soldier is demanding $538,000 compensation from the hospital for negligence.


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