Playspread Releases 2015 Elections Sentiment Report, See What Nigerians Really Think OF GEJ and GMB

Playspread Media Analytics has released a sentiment report on public perception of the present presidential candidates of the coming elections.

Data was extracted from news articles and user comments from 923 sites, millions of tweets, facebook feeds and TV and radio political activity and adverts

The period covered was from March 3-20 2015. Another report is bound to be released on the eve of the elections as trends tend to change very fast.

ABOUT PLAYSPREADPlayspread uses propreitary algorithms to scan the web, TV and radio to discover what people are saying about brands, products and people. The solution extracts sentimentality and mood within which any topic is mentioned anywhere anytime. Playspread has analyzed and published reports for numerous brands in banking, public sector, media etc


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