OMG! Man Finds Six-foot PYTHON Inside His Corn Flakes

Jarred Smith, 22, was left shocked when he found a diamond python snake in his cornflakes..He told Dailymail Australia

‘I thought mum had bought some strange door stopper at first but then I saw the tail end of what looked like a snake and thought “no way its a snake..Then I peeked in the top of thecereal box and its head popped out,’
‘I dropped my food and ran out of the kitchen and screamed out to my dad downstairs “dad, there’s a snake in the kitchen!”.’

His father also took a while to comprehend the situation thinking his son meant there was a snake on TV.

‘When dad walked in it maneuvered even further into the box that’s when I took the video.’

Jarred then called the NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service (WIRES) and explained to the lady on the other end of the phone where the slithery reptile was hiding.

‘She burst out laughing and said “are you serious?”, She asked if we minded it put the snake back in our garden which we didn’t,’ Jarred said.

‘The snake wouldn’t fall out of the box so he had to rip it and the whole snake dropped out.’ He was more surprised when he saw it properly because he said it actually looked about two metres long.’

Diamond pythons are known for being quite timid and the snake handler told Jarred that the species is harmless and only attacked when aggravated.
Although Jarred has never seen a snake before – let alone up so close and personal – he was impressed with how attractive the reptile was.

‘He’s a good looking snake so if he comes back it’s fine – I just didn’t expect to find it in my cereal.’


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