Nigerians Must Rise Up To Fight And Kill Corruption – Buhari

Muhammadu BuhariThe All Progressives Congress Presidential Candidate, APC, Muhammadu Buhari, in Port Harcourt on Thursday promised that his administration would use the nation’s gas resources to generate electricity.

Mr. Buhari made the pledge at the APC South-South campaign rally, saying that if properly utilised, the sector would expand the economy and open other ventures that would be useful to the people.

“We need high technology to separate our gas because ours is associated gas. When we do this, we will have enough gas to generate power and expand our economy”, he said.

Mr. Buhari urged the people to join in the fight against corruption by protecting their votes.

He said, “If you work hard to stop corruption at the polling units by voting for the APC, I can say that you are not doing me good but you will be doing yourself good”.

Mr. Buhari called for a comprehensive approach in the fight against corruption in the country, adding: “Nigerians must rise up to fight and kill corruption before it kills us”.

In his speech, Rivers Governor, Chibuike Amaechi, urged supporters of the party to vote for a change in the Presidential and Governorship elections.

He also urged the people to use the power of their votes to elect candidates of their choice.

Mr. Amaechi said the decision by INEC to use card readers for the elections was a welcome development.

“Majority of Nigerians must be allowed to vote and what INEC is doing now is better than in the past”, he said.

A former governor of Bayelsa, Timipre Silva, urged the people to vote for APC to enjoy democracy dividends.



  1. Can the very corrupt fight corrupt.
    If all the owners of APC are corrupt, how can they fight corruption.
    My take is that all the current politicians must not continue.
    Let’s start afresh with youthful and young brains. Do I call it revolution or what? That’s what we need

  2. corruption cannot fight corruption. APC are more corrupt then PDP, If the little potion APC is holden currently and the corruption is manifesting much like this, what would happen if they are in federal?
    Only Buhari cannot doing any thing especially now that corrupt people are fronting for him for their selfish interest.

  3. This regime has failed me&you but u guys hate truth!explain the major corruption of APC?if u can’t,shotup!where is d subsidy money we all protested for @ D point of removal?if u blind @ least u must be able to listen,all the visitation to churches n Palaces your people ar doing now is bribing to remain in power instead face the masses n explain where ar d money!former CBN governor could not finish his tenure bcos his raise alarm.this regime is very slow to action,corrupt than expectation cos he said he has no shoe!hoping he will do what d masses what n fight corruption for you n I to see n say no doubt u ar not corrupt sir!if BUhari visit Marikas or any big body of islam and palaces now what would u say!Call spade a spade this regime worst than IBB time!Baba has directly n indirectly tell u that He has been there,inyoung n old,also as PDP former president!come out n say BUHARI is the right man @ d state of corruptions level @ d moment to correct thigs but u ar not affraid of your generation to come,anyone one that don’t want corrupt people in this country to vomit what they swallow will not see d light of the day!because its all our inheritant not for some cacus.God that overthrone pharaoh because people reject!same we happen now!will of the masses is God wish.


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