March 28: Jonathan Explains Why It Will Be Difficult For Him To Win

President Goodluck Jonathan has admitted that it will be tougher for him to win the 2015 presidential election now than it was in 2011.

Jonathan on AIT

The president made this known  yesterday, March 5, while answering questions on an African Independent Television (AIT) programme, Kaakaki.

According to The Nation, President Jonathan explained that in the 2011 election, the votes were split between four political parties which made it easier for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to win.

He said: “In 2011 there were four strong parties. The PDP was strong, the ACN was strong, the CPC was strong and the ANPP was strong. So we had four strong political parties presidents sharing the votes of Nigeria. Yes I agree with you it was easier in 2011 but PDP is still the dominant party.

“In 2011 we had three presidential candidates against the PDP it was easier. But if these three have come together no matter how strong, in politics coming together also has a cost. As a second term president, globally in 70 per cent of the cases it is most challenging for the President to secure a second term than first term.”

The president stressed that PDP still has the most formidable structure among the political parties,  he said he was not worried about the possible outcome of the forthcoming presidential electon.

He said: “I believe Nigerians should vote for me and I want Nigerians to vote for me because we have done well. Sometimes, as a government, we are busy working and we don’t advertise what we have done.

Sometimes, it appears not much (is done). Nigeria is a very big country…If you assess what we have done in a number of areas, we have done quite well and I believe that if Nigeria is linking up to where we were before and what we have done over these four years of government, they will want us to continue to make sure we at least complete some of the ongoing programmes.”

“We believe that in several areas, we have tried and we are working very well and if encouraged in the next four years, at least Nigeria will be able to stabilise in various sectors.”

Speaking on the war on terrorism, he maintained that the increasing victory against the insurgents close to the election period was not political as the military had just started receiving about 65 per cent of the required  equipment to fight the insurgents.

Meanwhile, the Federal government yesterday had a closed door meeting with parents and relatives of abducted Chibok school girls, where it tabled plans to get the girls released from Boko Haram captivity.


  1. Yes GEJ u hav done well in terrorising our beloved country, and due 2 ur foolishness u still need more time 2 eliminate d whole northerners right ? GEJ go to hell. GMB 4 better Nigeria. #March4Buhari

  2. My able president. U never said that it will be difficult fr u to win. U were misquoted. U are going to be there till 2019. We are behind u!

  3. We gv u our vote 2011 think dat u re a reasonable person,we dnt knw dat you are a monster,an u want us to gv u our Vote again,wat did u take us for ur slave May God punished u with dat mouth you open say so,u said u hv don many things,wat did u do dan to bring BH in Nigeria to b killing the innocent one,unemployment,povert,low currency etc,u said dat u can’t promise wat u can’t fulfil very gud,during dat subsidy removal remember all wat u hv promise which one hv u fulfil an all the money u hv earn from subsidy removal wat did u use it for,u gv Nigeria people serious hardship so we can’t long trust you,even if APC bring goat as der presidential candidate we radar vot for dat goat dan to vote for you,bcus ur condition is worst dan goat.

  4. FOI bill is one of the greatest legacy GEJ has left for Nigerians, in the days of buhari. Who delivered monkey well to eat banana before the queen.President GEJ, we will vote you in again, buhari is past and past shall he remain with his expired APC.

  5. To give you one premise out of many, 13 of the
    Chibok girls’ parents have died. Among many
    deaths that GEJ caused with his actions and
    inactions, I attribute these deaths to him. The
    parents, died due to stress-
    related illnesses on account of the kidnapping of
    their children. If that was the case, the deaths
    were quite avoidable. Some measures could have
    been taken by the president to reduce the feeling
    of hopelessness for parents in such a traumatic
    situation, such as showing concern, empathy,
    giving them hope, visiting the community and
    showering them with kind words.
    Now imagine you were a Chibok parent, and
    listened to these presidential statements:I’ve not
    gone to Chibok because it’s not a small place,
    it’s a whole local government – President
    -Going to Chibok will not bring back the girls –
    President Jonathan
    -When I looked at the list, 90% of the girls are
    Christians – President Jonathan
    -We don’t know where the Chibok girls are –
    President Jonathan
    -On the Chibok girls, I don’t want to be quoted –
    President Jonathan
    -We’ve rescued the girls [a lie] – Defense HQ
    -Nobody is missing – Patience Jonathan, the first
    These are words from the leaders who are
    supposed to provide comfort. Indeed, it took the
    intervention of a teenage girl, Malala, from a
    foreign country, Pakistan, before our president
    agreed to meet the parents of the girls. And as if
    to rub it in, it was reported that someone in the
    president’s circle (where stealing is not
    corruption) attempted to steal the little money the
    parents were given.
    And now you tell me that voting someone who
    enacted this nonsense politics? This is just one
    case from many cases of the deaths that GEJ’s
    government has caused. As recent as last year,
    2014, GEJ and his people believed that the
    criminally insane idiots in Boko Haram camp are
    fighting political war on behalf of “northerners” to
    make Nigeria ungovernable for him!. before the appearance of Boko Haram there was a rigorous reminder/warning to Gej e felt unconcerned, this is another reminder now unemployed graduates is now been mock with their certificate by most illiterates even artisans is not left out, “Organized Crime” is a very bad crime to b experienced by world power nations. Do this simple mathematics;
    At the age of 12yrs you are done with primary school
    At the age of 24yrs you are out of university with the grace of God if only there is no strike.
    Now if a group of graduate is killed because of crime committed before you know it within 4yrs of a tenure almost 90% of graduates is gone and Nigeria will be left with old and new illiterates, not only that Nigeria will move from 3rd world country to 1000 world country.
    I believe by that time even mad men will preferred going to Benin Republic to continue there madness. “Organized Crime is inevitable” if GMB or Gej did not provide Nigerians job unlike the ghost job claimed to be created by Gej

  6. My 1 & only president, we’ve won already. shame on all oppositions, Nigeria is for PDP, Vote Goodluck/Sambo for continuity. up GEJ up PDP, up Nigeria.

  7. Like father. Like son. GEJ is the son of the Devil, liar and father of all liars. We will flush you out come March 28 you and your agents of deceptions. Womanizer president.abeg comot there for Buhari. Say Buhari!

  8. Hey, I think some people should not call names on people and moreover his ur president, put ur self in his shoes and check hw you will feel.

  9. To move Nigeria forward is a collective task for all patriotic Nigeria irrespective of our tribe, religion and political inclination.
    GEJ is a child is circumstance to the mountain of challenges facing our dear country. He need to be more firm on his approach to some nation issues so that Nigerians can be proud of their country in terms of security, infrastructure development and freedom of association be it in religion & politics.
    May the of Almight God prevails in this our forthcoming General election. Before,during and after the election.


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