International Women’s Day: Buhari Restates Commitment To Empowering Women


The presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Muhammadu Buhari, on Sunday, restated his commitment to empowering Nigerian women as he congratulated them on the commemoration of the International Women’s Day.

According to a statement by the Director Media and Publicity, APC Presidential Campaign Organisation, Malam Garba Shehu, tagged “Special message to Nigerian women”, released in Abuja, Buhari promised to ensure that the rights of Nigerian women are guaranteed as provided by the Nigerian Constitution.

“My plan for Nigerian women has been made clear in ‘My Manifesto and Vision for Nigeria.

“I like to use this special opportunity set aside to celebrate women, to reiterate my personal commitment to the advancement of Nigerian women in Nigeria and in the Diaspora.”

In his Manifesto released to the media in Dec. 2014, Buhari had guaranteed that women would be adequately represented in government appointments.

He also promised to provide greater opportunities for females in education, job creation, and economic empowerment. “Women all over the world are playing an ever increasing role in moving their nations forward both in and outside government.”

“In keeping with the times, my government will ensure that Nigerian women are given the opportunity to rise and play an even more prominent role in moving out great nation forward,” it said.


  1. Hear what Buhari calls his plans for Nigerian women! This man must be a joker. A man who is anti women from time. He has no place for women in his home, talk less of Nigeria. Charity begins from home. How many women did he appoint into positions in 1984? All the members of the SMC, FEC, Council of State and boards were all men. He said he would abolished the office of First Lady and he expects Patience Jonathan to be happy. In short Buhari is an enemy of Nigerian women and they MUST not vote for him. Period.

  2. Double tongued, frustrated, aggrieved and jealous fellows. So you just woke up from your slumber? ah, just 2weeks to the primaries and you suddenly regain your memory. This is clear evidence that you were in LONDON for treatment…. You and your party are toooooooooo late! GEJ already took over the Nigerian women and there is no going back for us. We want GEJ and that’s final! Go back to sleep please because i don’t see how you want to convince Nigerians this time that you can do this but just a piece of advice, No trick of yours will work this time because we know you are just making these promises to buy our votes>>>>>>> YOU LOST AND I WILL BUY YOU THREE PACKETS OF HANDKERCHIEF FOR THAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!

  3. While,this is something special for Nigerian’s women. I pray God Almighty make this man to be the next Nigeria’s president so that we will be able to enjoy the goodness of democracy in our dear nation. up GMB and long live Nigeria and Nigerians.


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