Heavily Pregnant Woman Brutally Beaten For Not Saying Thank You

A pregnant woman was attacked by a man who was angry that she didn’t say “thank you” when he held the door for her in Chelea, New York, USA.

The incident occured at a housing block where 22-year-old victim, who works as a caretake, Lakeeya Walker lived. Recalling the events of that evening Walker said she was going into the building using her key, but the man volunteered to open the door for her.


“Once I entered the building, I didn’t say anything to him. He was mad that I didn’t say thank you, so he called me an ungrateful b***h. When I fell on the floor and he told me to ‘suck my d***’.  I’m kicking, kicking, kicking, trying to, like, protect myself.

He’s kicking me on the stomach, and while he’s doing this, he says to me, ‘I’m going to kick that baby out your womb’. It’s crazy. I don’t know this man from mudville. How does he know I’m with child?”


The woman was rushed to hospital, where doctors told her that there was a blood clot next to her baby’s head, although there’s a chance that it will dissipate on its own. Now police officers are searching for Darryl Guillyard, 32, who was wanted for another assault earlier in the day.


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