6 Signs Your Ex Want You Back


Have you ever broken up with your lover and want to know if she still loves you? If so, you have to read this.

1. You’d notice that whenever you look at their direction, your eyes are likely to meet.

2. Their reaction when they see you with other people. If they feel so jealous, then it might indicate that they still love you.

3. Notice how often they touch you. When a conversation ensue between you duo, they will try as much as possible to touch you.

4. They will try as much as possible to wish you happy new month, year and birthday.

5. Your friends tell you how consistent they ask about you or your welfare.

6. They try to hold your stuffs without returning it back on time because they want you to come and demand for it so that you can have a chat.
– If you see all these signs, it is likely that your ex wants you back so you are left with the decision whether to accept or reject them.


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